Another noob

So I post on TZ semi-frequently. Usually main Lars/ Bryan, but decided to pick up Yoshi about 2 months ago. Initially, I only planned on using him for about a week or so just to give a buddy of mine that plays some tips on how to improve... but he's probably the most fun character I've played to date. Despite being extremely weak, I've managed to pull some crazy wins out my ass with his insane evasion/ movement.

Anywho, I'd like some more training partners to get more perspective on how to use him effectively -- my poke game is pretty horrid. Despite only using him ~2months (off and on), I feel like I've made great progress and have gotten some surprising fan mail. Either way, add me for some PSN matches: ForMyNinjas. I'm located in northern VA.

ok if our conn. is good i´ll give you some lessons! :D

Shoot me a message and let's give it a shot :T Maybe we'll get lucky despite being in diff countries haha.

added you ^^

Damn dude, good games. I thought I was making progress but apparently I have a lot to learn. Mirrors with yoshi are hard :T My setups are too obvious to work on you haha.

nevertheless you´r very good yet for picking up yoshi only 2 months ago!
i was really surprised, keep it up! :D

GG's again yesterday dude. Kinda went off on a tangent and started using other characters, haha. I was actually switching off with a buddy of mine: I was using Bryan, Yosh, a little Lars, and those 1 or 2 matches with Hei. The other guy used Lars, Bob, Miguel, and prolly someone else in there somewhere.

Good times, I just wish we could get a better connection :\

I need to figure out the best times to work in SS1 with yosh as well (I used to just stick with SS2, still unsure of the difference... I assume ss1 is faster/ safer?) I'm starting to see the importance of it since I caught some people with it randomly last night.

ss1 crushes high and I were think was is safe due to the pushback in tekken DR ,don't know about T6 though but the others can explain a whole lot more details if you offer them some cookies ;)

anyways welcome yot

ss1 is safe vs. many chars. it`s -12 and many just don`t have a 12f punisher with long range.
nevertheless this move is dangerous vs some chars like law, bruce, bob etc.
all in all ss1 is better than ss2 because it gives more pushback and crushes better.
for me it`s the best launcher which yoshi has because you can even use it for poking a lot.