Yoshi and Kuni?

I keep hearing everyone talk about how cute Yoshi and Kuni look together as a couple. Do you
ever fantasize them being together in a weird world splitting fantasy and reality. If you do,
post ANYTHING about them being together. Or beating the crap out of each other. Or falling
in love then cheating on each other. And I promise I will not laugh. (NOT!)

A mega Rautanyrkki spoiler, and don't say I didn't warn you.

Don't get your hopes up, though...

That is just freaky. I guess most people in the world think Yoshi and Kuni make a cute couple.
Strong enough to dress up like geeks and pose like that, then post it on the internet.

yoshi and kuni are not a couple :| :|
I'd like they were a couple :D :D

As far as I'm concerned...the charecters in Tekken are human(most of them)...Yoshi is somewhat of a mystery...He's changed so many times, I don;t kno what he is n e more, although he waz 1st a human.
That being said...all living creatures have needs...sex, reproduction being one of them
So I KNOW...behind the scenes, clear of the Arcade screen...Yoshi & Kuni went at it full throttle...A hot steamy love makin session occured whether yall wanna believe it or not.
I'm sure Jin has had a fling with Ling too.

Whoa maffymitsu
If Kuni and Yoshi ever have sex, i have to kill Kuni!!!:((

Amemitsu : Whoa maffymitsu
If Kuni and Yoshi ever have sex, i have to kill Kuni!!!:((

Don't worry, she'd just as soon admit Yoshimitsu was a better fighter than do that.

hum could anyone imagine the fight Yoshi and Kuni would have over there new child.

think about it if they had a divoice, then there would be a big time Manji fight between Yoshi and Kuni over there off spring.

and I could not stand that, I hate it when lovers have fights it is so sad:(

Well, I think not only Kuni is a female fighter there in the Manji Clan... :) But I would rather see Yoshi as a lone wolf despite ruling the clan. He's a kind of rebellious warrior. He is sociable but only to the point of being friendly. Nothing going to the higher level... It's his sacrifice for the higher ideas. the only person on whom he depends the most is... Boskonovitch :D

I think they were probably once extremely close, but I'm not sure about something sexual. Perhaps maybe once, and they never spoke of it again, but nothing all lovey-dovey... Not her style, not his style....

please don't say that.

no why would Yoshi and Kuni get close

who knows, maybe kuni likes bryan :D kiddin
who knows is she a virgin
who knows is she smart
i like kuni style, only :)

acturlly I can imagine that Kuni and Bryan being together, because their love would both be for them sleves and to kill Yoshi.

but it doesn't mean I want Yoshi to die.

Kuni and Bryan would never work. Their personalities would clash far too much. I doubt she would be too happy with him considering what he did to the Manji clan.