Mobile YOT

I thought I'd put this in the feedback section. Tenshi recently asked about the appearance of YOT on a mobile phone. Vijay answered, but I think it would be nice if this topic had it's own little thread.

So here is my description of YOT on my mobile...

* The picture in the background won't load on my phone, I always get a message saying 'insufficient memory' (though I have a memory card, so this is referring to something intrinsic to that phone model's capabilities I guess). Nevertheless, I am able to continue browsing the site. The colours are the same but here are the differences...

* The navigation options, which are above, arranged into tidy little boxes, are just all listed going down the page.

* Sometimes these navigation options appear staggered across the page. I think this is only while the page is still loading. YOT is the slowest to load of all the sites I visit but I think it is because of the image error I get.

* The forums still have those little chibi yoshis but they are not animated, at least not on mine. When you're on the main page before entering a specific forum, you get a gray box with a description of the forum, then a smaller box bellow that showing who posted last and what the topic was, a longer box below that, which shows the stats, and then for some reason, a chibi yoshi on his own under that!!

* The forum threads look a bit awkward in my opinion. You go in, and then under the title will be the first post of that page, just as it is here, but, it is done like this: The section in which you see the member's avatar, name, rank, post count etc, fills the whole screen and then their post is BELOW that. Sometimes this confuses me a little as you have to scroll down and sometimes I forget who posted what. You then have to scroll through their signature box after that and if they have a lot of text in there, this takes ages!!! Then it's the next persons image etc... before you get to what they have written!! Nightmare.

It's the only logical way to display it really though, and you get used to it quickly enough.

* Finally, my phone allows me to change the font of the text and for some reason, this applies to web pages too. So YOT and everything else I visit online, has curly, girly lettering when I view it ^^ (looks like hand writing, you know what I mean??).

So.. there is my little tour of mobile phone YOT. Souvenirs are available from the gift shop on your way out.. hehe


Can you tell me what Mobile you are using ? and try downloading Mini Opera on ur mobile and Use it ?

Oh my mobile isn't that exciting!! I don't think it could handle such things. It's just a very basic touch screen phone. Dunno the name because it is samsung so just a bunch of numbers (Sumsamurai might be able to tell you though as she was able to find it online from my rather odd description). So, it's samsung's cheapest touch screen and only recently came out. I have it in pink!! Erm, it has the usual, blutooth, camera, mp3 player, games and stuff, but I'd say it is more a functional phone than one specifically aimed at the techno-geek!

Another thing, if I want to view videos from the internet on my phone, I have to download them first and I am then charged, quite an annoyingly high fee. Once I've done that, I have to go to my saved files and view from there. I'm on O2 though, so after topping up I get to win stuff and sometimes that is free downloads. Will fill my memory card packed with Yoshiness then!!

Yot will be different on some mobiles. Tt was fine for me, but the sign in was tiny unless i zoomed in. Need to scroll everywhere to read stuff, can't edit posts and the chat doesn't refresh unless you reopen it.

Wasn't too bad really, but if you wanna post something long use the computer. ;)

Samsung c3300 Jem ;) I used Sony xperia X10 mini pro (Which I don't have now, but i miss insanely) I changed it to get better data for the price of my tariff, but there were many pros and cons. I'm waiting now to see what next years Blackberry slide is like... I wonder if i can wait this long? O_O......

Jembru, there is diff between pc and mobile internet. Pc has 2 kinda memory 1. Hard disc memory i.e in gb 2. Ram i.e also in gb. But there is lot of difference. Hard disc is for storage and ram is for running software. In the Same way your memory card does not help your mobile to run applications but for storage. The applications are run based on another kinda memory an internal one and cant be changed. Latest phones have better memory and better processor hence the can load every thing neat but old ones run our of memory. I am bad at explaining thing but hope you get it. :p

Thank you for feedback :) There are sites with special mobile skin that loads into mobile devices, I'll most probably do something like this for YOT. :)

Hello Boss, No need to worry about mobile yot. Its as good as the pc version except for the graphic part, and there might not be much you can do cos its mobile dependent. Oh and one more thing if you are using opera press 1 and you will get options , in that uncheck mobile view.and you will get the pc version of website with almost all back ground expect gif files.