Your Bucket List - What You Want to Do Before You Die

This topic's about what you just HAVE to do before you die.
The main objective of this topic is to make a list of the things you'd like to do and post it here in this topic.

Thanks to Jembru for coming up with this brilliant idea.

anyways, I'll start.
* Attend at a random tournament
* Get top 8 in a random tournament
* Get top 8 i a Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition tournament.
* attend at a gaming convention
* I still need to create the BEST yoshimitsu combo ever.. I believe it's out there...
* Still needs to master Kuma 100%...
* Win a super street fighter 4 tournament match.
* get 4000 or more player points in SSF4 (having 4k+ is very hard in SSF4)
* Beat the best european player of SSF4 against his main
* Beat the best Belgian player of SSF4, 3 times in a row, against his main

* Visit England
* Visit the Netherlands
* Visit France
* Visit Switzerland

* Visit Germany
* Become the best Belgian player in SSF4
* Win a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament by ending in the 4th, 3rd, 2nd or 1st place
* Dye my hair silver/white
* date a girl in Japan
* fight against someone else with a spear once I've mastered how to fight with a yari
* Visit Canada
* Visit America
* Cosplay myself as a random character and attend at a random convention
* attend at a geek/comic book convention
* attend at an anime convention
* attend at a cosplay convention
* Dye my hair fluo green
* Find a school where they teach people Sōjutsu , the way of the spear.
* find someone else in Belgium who's as crazy as me about Yoshimitsu
* Meet atleast 3 YOTians in real life.
* Defeat a japanese player in the arcades in an offline match.
* I have to master atleast 30% of the japanese language
* Visit Japan and go sightseeing
* defeat A.K Fan1234 with King or/and Armor King
* Be the best Yoshimitsu player in Belgium. This self-proclaimed title, can only be achieved by winning a tournament in Belgium (or europe) or by ending up the 1st in ranking in Tekken 6 (or 5 dr) Online
* I've got to master an arcade stick, not only for Tekken but also for Street Fighter
* Needs to dust off my old Law , roger and Devil Jin character.
* defeat everyone in the Yoshimitsu Obsession Team and end up victorious in a tournament

As you can see, I still have a lot to do >.<

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Well, I started to compile mine a few weeks ago. I actually hope to make a list of 100 things to do before I die. So I can tick them off as I go through life ^^

I don't have so many yet though. Might have to steal some from Angelboy.

Things to do before you die..

- Go on vacation in Whitly Bay and send all my friends post cards. On 'return' I'll give them all presents from my travels (Whitley Bay is a coastal town just about within walking distance of my home and I go there at least twice a month ^^).
- Meet Larry and ask him why he is always so happy.
- Visit the secret museum in Naples, where all the filthy stuff uncovered from Pompeii is stashed (gabinetto Segreto). It is said that one can be thrown out of the museum for laughing. I MUST see if I can get around the entire thing.
-Watch all star wars movies back to back from start to finish!!
- Complete the original Mega Drive Sonic the Hedgehog all the way through, without a pause.
- Master at least ONE second language.
- Roll down a snowy mountainside in the morning sunrise.
- Kiss someone on a walza (without tongues is fine and probably preferable ^^)
-See Canada.
- Make a toasted cheese sandwich with a clothes iron on an ironing board.
- Go back to Germany and recreate all the moments I had there so I can replace the photos I lost when my camera broke. (The same thing happened with Japan, I swear no one believes I ever moved to either country, and just locked myself in my house and pretended).
- Do aid work in Africa, even if only for a few weeks but longer would be awesome!!
- Adopt a child and prove to the world that I will make a great mother!!
- Go for 6 months without any access to the Internet and not sending one single text. BRING BACK THE ART OF VERBAL COMMUNICATION!!!!
- Meet more than two YOTians in the same place at the same time!!!
- Attend a Tekken tournament (could also allow me to tick off the last one...).

Dunno about the adoption thing. That's just if I decide I want children. There is NO WAY I am giving birth ^^

Wow...... Nice thought...

@ Angel boy ..... Defeating akfan1234 with Armor king lol :D

so let see....Easy things first

1.Have to get Good marks in Post Graduate Exam :) Most Important thing in life :D

2.This is kinda like a dream ..... but i wanna buy a sports car and put on some cool music and go on drive....... a really long drive..........Nothing to worry just cool breeze and music

3.Master atleast some task in life :P near perfect :D

4.Master Yoshimitsu and Drow Ranger Traxex from Dota ....

5. Attend World Cyber games or someother Competition......... May be participate in it :P

6.Build My self a comfy House with a Personal Room for gaming/Movies/Music........ <3

7.Meet Souten/Noko/Tenshi/Inca and Noodlehead :P and teach them tekken :D just kidding

8.Participate in atleast local tourney with yoshimitsu ( No tourneys over here waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :( )

9.Travel in all Kinda Vehicles :P

That Will do :P

i have a few things i wish to do befor i die and even one in death to japan and meet soke hatsumie(grandmaster of bujikan ninjitsu)
2.obtain a katana that is over 200 years old.
3.reach a decent grade in bujikan ninjitsu(3 dan)
4.spend a large amount of my time living in japan being traind in the bujikan kenjutsu style.
5.have a familly(with a woman i truly love)have a doughter or son makes no diferance to me.
6.become a instructor of bujikan mainly focusing on katana instrution. to a good age 70 if i can.
9.because of my religious beliefs i deleve that when i die that i will go to hell to be absourbed of my sins so i wish to
chalenge the god of death(king of hell)Enma to a sword dule befor i leve to re-encarnate.
10.publish my own book

the 9th one seems rather mad i know but who knows,mybe i might all of this mybe not all i know is that i am going to
enjoy the time i have and enjoy the atempt,i hope you all will too

great topic

1. become a good person,
2. let go of past misteaks, clean my mind start over
3. accept limitations
4. find my important people in life
5. get an education

Been adding to mine so it's time for an update methinks.

-Start my very own blog and eventually get it online when I have enough material. Wanna have that done by September because things will get CRAZY in Jembru land.
-Learn Makaton. That is a form of sign language which I already know a little of because I needed it for my last job, but I never learned all the signs (already got my name down for s course which starts a week on Monday ^^)
-Do my PGCE in Higher Education so I can do my current job (which I love) forever, but earn more money for it. WIN (currently applying to start in September so keeping everything crossed).
-Take the ferry to Amsterdam for the weekend.
-Do an all-nighter in which I watch nothing but back-to-back Zombie movies while drinking green tea and eating junk.
-Learn the Thriller dance all the way through (know part of it because my Thursday afternoon students are using it in a play they're doing ^^)
-Take part in the next Newcastle Zombie Walk (gutted that I missed the last one and praying that there'll be another one).
-Buy one of those life-like animatronic zombies I posted a link to here in shout a few months back. They cost soooo much but totally rock. I'll sit it in my hall to scare away intruders. A life-sized, crawling bloody torso is surely better than a guard dog?
-See a shrink about my rather disturbing and entirely consuming obsession with the undead.
-Edit my Yoshi fan fic so that it actually appears to be written by a compos mentis adult. (almost done the first chapter Have uploaded the first chapter, just waiting for it to be accepted).

I'm sure there was more but I can't remember the others right now.

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I've updated the list as well, but only in my mind.

This is what's new ^^

- Win a super street fighter 4 tournament match.
- Win a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament by ending in the 4th, 3rd, 2nd or 1st place
- get 4000 or more player points in SSF4 (having 4k+ is very hard in SSF4)
- Beat the best european player of SSF4 against his main
- Beat the best Belgian player of SSF4, 3 times in a row, against his main

- Become the best Belgian player in SSF4
- Visit England
- Visit Germany
- Visit the Netherlands
- Visit France
- Visit Switzerland

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-To stop sleeping so much or i'll wake up dead
-And to get to know everyone on here :)) After that, i'll be satisfied if I die anytime soon

lol kai so sweet.... Hey kai i like your display pic... Its real nice... Why does every one want to Japan..? Whats so special about it ?

You mean the smiling guy? Haha I drew him, I have other faces but this is my KaiKai happy face :P I'll put up my mad/depressed Kai up later

And well, Japan is as sophisticated as America, they're like the country that's on par with Americans technologically and socially speaking, so it's kinda a big deal to visit there, there's so much to do, I think

But that's just my opinion, I never went there before (cept when I was travelin here to the United States from the Philippines where I was born, I think we had to go to some other airport I couldn't remember if it was Japan... or China... Doh... )

Other than touring Japan I wouldn't want to stay there for long, I'm not accustomed to public places too much >:)

Edit: There I changed my avvie :P

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It's interesting to hear different people's reasons for wanting to visit Japan. The reason I love it so much is that it is like an entirely different world. Honestly, you see it more when you live there and experience the 'everyday' (I once went there as a tourist and that's still awesome if you do it right). My aunt flies for a living, she is a nurse working for a holiday insurance company who's job is to collect Brits who have fallen sick in another country, and bring them home. She has done this for many years now so naturally has seen most of the world (which also makes her impossible to hide from, 'Jemma!!! I'm in Munich... meet me in an hour and I'll buy you lunch!', lol). Anyway, she said there is no place on Earth that is even close to Japan. I've lived in a few places but I have never felt as safe or as at home as I did in Japan. We expats in Japan used to call it 'Planet Japan' and it really does seem like a different planet at times. Gosh, I could talk about this all day but I had better not ^^

Right, on a related note and also relating to the 'to do list', I have noticed that quite a few people around here at least dabble with the Japanese language so I was thinking of starting a 'learn Japanese' thread somewhere. I could go over the grammar and others could throw in the cool expressions and words they know. Maybe we can touch a little on the writing, although my new comp doesn't write script so I dunno how I'd do that. So it would kinda be, everyone sharing what they know and helping one another out. This would seriously help me to shake off the cobwebs and seperate the German words which are clogging up the Japanese pool in my brain like fallen leaves. Hehehe

So let me know if you's wanna do that. It seems like a cool 'yoshi' obsession kinda topic. Oh and I'm thinking of doing a meditation thread too, also Yoshi-related. Thank goodness for boredom!!


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I'm totally all for that Japanese language thing but I'm still trying to learn my Spanish T~T

Ola amigos....

# vijay_kumar_cute : Ola amigos....
Hey Kumar, made any progress on your list?

Sorry bro, but I have to correct you, you already ARE the best yoshimitsu player from belgium.
And I think you're in the top 3 players on this forum ;)

My wish list

- defeat a.k fan with a king
- become a father