Our favourite chilhood cartoons

There were very few things that were as important as watching you beloved cartoons. In my case that cartoon was the awesome Batman the animated series, that damn show had the abilty to wake up a sleeping A.K Fan and says alot.

So whats your beloved cartoon

Someone had to bring this up one way or another

cartoons you say...
for me it was Teenage mutant ninja turtles.

Aww... I'd forgotten that one. Yeah, I loved the Turtles too!! Splinter for the win! (though I had a soft spot for Shredder too -messed up kid!!) The one that always got me out of bed early on a Saturday morning though, was the Real Ghostbusters.

Hey.. I just found my square brackets!! I've had no idea where they live on a German keyboard but just had a moment of genius and worked it out! That means I can post youtube vids now without having to copy and paste the brackets from someone else's post. Seriously, this is what I've been doing, hehe.. Seems I'm getting wiser in my old age though because I've been working out loads of technology stuff for myself.* I'm not sure I know me anymore.. hehe.

*I know this sounds a little silly, but I have always previously had a 'I can't do it. I won't do it. Someone else will have to do it for me' attitude when it came to technology! This is like a duck learning to fly. It already thought it kicked ass at swimming but then, one day, is like, 'No way... I can do this too?? Damn being a duck is AWESOME!!!!'

Yet again, Jembru surely wins the prize for the most off-topic wondering posts ever on any forum!!!

Spider man spider man... :D ... Oh yeah samurai jack, flame of recca... Ninja amuse so much. Pooof and i disappear. \m/,

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Spider man spider man... :D ... Oh yeah samurai jack, flame of recca... Ninja amuse so much. Pooof and i disappear. \m/,

btw are animes allowed too?
If so then my favourate kids' show was Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X

whats the diff between cartoons and anime ? O.o :/

I'm not sure but this what i think. first of all the most iconic anime feature the eyes was inspired from disney catoons but thats basicly were the similarities go, catoons are very much aimed at kids (ofcause outsides due exsist stuff like simpsons) where anime has broader range of people in all ranges and animemation don't seem to be much of a kids only thing in asia, where over here its a social no if you still like anything drawen because people associate anything drawn with kids.

So F#"# you strait minded westen world :P

P.S my vision only if thats too far from the truth correct then please and teach me otherwise

My turn to try to explain it. Only because I am language obsessed so love this kind of thing.

In Japanese, anime does not mean anything special at all. It's just a borrowed word from English. Due to the syllabic nature of the Japanese language, long English words are hard to pronounce so they shorten them. Thus television is 'teribi' in Japanese, personal computer is 'pasukon' and animation (meaning anything animated, be it Pokemon or Sleeping Beauty), becomes anime.

However, though the Japanese make no real distinction between their home-grown animation and those produced over seas (they don't use the word, 'cartoon'), we in the West do need a name for that specific form of animation. Why say, 'animation from Japan' when it is so much easier just to use their word? Thus in English and many other non-Japanese languages, 'anime' refers to animations produced in Japan.

As AK said, 'cartoon' in English at least, is generally only used to refer to childrens' animation.

If my explanation doesn't satisfy either, I think wiki is the next step to take!! Hehe.

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Oh additional: It is often thought by anime fans in the West that while our fandom is considered nerdy here, it is more accepted in Japan. Ohhh no!!! Trust this from someone who lived there and watched the horror of her fellow white-nerd as they arrived in their new home country only to find that their Dragon Ball Z obsession is JUST as nerdy there!!!

Additional additional: also, the exact same story is true of manga. The word just means a comic in Japan so manga can be Naruto or Spiderman. In English though, we would only use manga to mean the first one, not the second.

Additional additional additional: There actually isn't anything else to add, I just thought it would be funny to repeat 'additional' more times. Oh but, erm, yeah.. comic fandom is also, just as nerdy in Japan. But you can buy covers for manga that makes it look like a normal reading book, for when you want to read it on the train after work. NO ONE would want to be seen as that sticking up pole while in public!!!

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couldn't have explained it any better ;)
Thanks for clearing that out Jembru =D

Thanks Jembru for the explanation and additional thanks for additionally explaining additional things. Over all ADDITIONAL additional thanks.

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No one else like cartoons or anime ?

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