The most noobish noob thread ever..


Firstly, thanks for the compliment vijay!!

So.. rising knees huh? Well, Yoshi won't ever be able to morris dance without that so I'll give it a go.

The move that frustrates me a lot is moonsault slayer. I can do it just fine in practice mode and then as soon as I start playing for real, it never, ever works. That happens with a lot of stuff in fact. Maybe the nerves of the battle get to me and affect my coordination?

So really, just playing and playing until everything is committed to muscle memory, is my only option. That can be phase one of my plan then. Phase two can be combos... phase 3 strategy and phase four?? Hmm... maybe invite my ex over so I can CREAM his ass and laugh at is utter emasculation!! Mwahahahaha.

Ok jembru. I will help you as much as i can. First of all dont worry about the moon move its not as good as you think. Any one can jab you out of it i think i can jab out that move 8 out of ten times so forget it. XD and coming to Yoshi in my opinion he is easy to learn interesting to play at intermediate level and noob char at expert level any how he is our Yoshi.Now lets go training you. Lets start with Yoshi's top ten moves list. Try to pull out all the top ten moves in the list of Tekken zaibatsu or try this. Most imp 1. ff4 2. d/f 1 , 3. b2+1 4. u/f 3 5. Slap you silly moves. Others to be continued. Patient came got to go . XD

she only has t5dr so far...

I'd recommend jem to start mastering the normal commandc list and THEN figure out what the top 10 moves r so it's much easier to learn and memorize

Wow nice... T5Dr cool. I never got my hands on it though. But its considered better game for Yoshi. Why cos oki game was superb. XD so you need to learn u/f 3 even more now. You want to learn T5dr Pls watch souten videos. He is epic. He took Yoshi to max possible levels. So many new tricks. Pls watch his final at aoten vs no respect. Pls come back souten. Pls <3

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Okie i got carried away. Coming to Dr.. Its the game where you see Yoshi do max oki. If the person is on ground the fc d/f 3 hits. It catches tech roll. You can go into FC even by a little hope. So you need to pull off all moves in FC. Its very imp. FC1, FC2. FC d/f 3. FC u/f 3 etc. You can get some juggles from even FC 1 also believe me. Err did i drift away from topic or some thing :P. Any ways jembru are you ok with my comments or you want me to stop. :|

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P.s Learning command list is not a must, learn useful moves first Pls.

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Sorry I didn't make it clear about only having DR. That's me all over: always a few years behind the trends!! Well, maybe not while I was living in Tokyo but that's only because Japan itself is 6 years in the future (I swear the plane goes through a black hole on the way there ^^).

Well, I'm sorta picking my way through the move list. I'm also starting to get an appreciation of which moves to use when they're crouching or on the floor.. and which can knock them out of the air. I even dodge and block a little now, -something I never used to do.

Still a lot of button bashing going on.. Filler between planned moves... failed moves and moments of general terror where I just lose it. But I can really see my game improving. Tiny improvements, invisible to the naked eye.. but my eyes aren't naked!! I even finished arcade for the first time ever! Was partly fluke and partly the realisation that just standing there in the line of fire while Jinpachi shoots a fireball, really isn't the smartest thing to be doing.

Thanks for all the advice and I shall be sure to return with another stupid question very soon. Watch this Jembru-shaped space!!!

That's nice to hear Jembru. I hope you're having fun while training your yoshi ^^
Good luck with your further improvements, if you ever feel ready to spar with me, just send an invite on psn or on chat.
Remember that you can learn a lot by doing mirror matches ( even with a cpu yoshimitsu in practice mode on the hardest dificulty)

lol... Jembru is the funniest person around. :D cheers... By the way Jembru jinpachi's fire ball can be avoided easy by ind stance with a free canon ball attack for damage. I like to sit cos some times the old man throws series of fire ball may be 4 or 5. Damn it. Oh by the way.. For learning reactions of defence go to practise mode with law as opponent and make cpu do 10hit combo and try to guard the low. Select multiple 10hit combo to make low hit an un expected one. Good luck with the training.

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@ Angelboy. You know, I haven't actually played against a human being yet. I was hoping to find someone kinda shite to humiliate first, before I myself am humiliated by the real players. So I need someone who isn't as good as me and unfortunately, most three year olds lack the concentration to get through 2 or more rounds. Instead, I have been doing something a little like your suggestion. I've been in practice mode while watching yoshi vids on youtube (some player called 'Tenshimitsu' have you heard of her? ;) ) and seeing if I can reproduce even SOME of those moves. It's kinda like my version of 'follow the leader'. Then I play in arcade and see if my fingers can remember.

@ vijay, understatement is a billion times better than exaggeration!!! Hehe, no seriously, I'm flattered that you fnd me amusing. I only just found my sense of humour again (was crumpled up at the back of my sock drawer.. where I keep the odd socks!). Nice to know it still works after all this time.

Real funniest person ever is surely this man...

This vid reminds me; One day, I MUST tell you about the 'pointless' phrases I learned in German that I will NEVER be able to get into a conversation.

(Hears the sirens of the 'off-topic police')... right erm.. so Yoshi then. Two more silly questions.

Been trying to remember that move where, erm.. yoshi goes through the opponent and makes an awesome spanking sound.. How do I do it? Think I have remembered everything I could do previously, besides this.

Also, besides not getting into one in the first place, is there ANYTHING one can do to escape once they're in a juggle? Or do we just have to roll with it and enjoy the ride?

the move you're probably r talkin bout is dash forward + 2 on counter hit. If it's a counter hit , then yoshi will go trough him and the oponnent will crumple.

and the juggle part, the only thing u can do is enjoy the ride, this isn't like in soul calibur where u can still do some air control under specific circumstances.

btw here's a handy combo tip u should always have in the back of your head if you're aiming for a low hit/combo.

fc d/f 3, while rising 4, f+1+2
it's got great range and good priority, though it's punishable on block

the move you talk about is f,f+1 or sword smash but only on counter hit better known as CH, first of I would renconmend you to learn some fast moves that you save while using some basic simple moves are what you need, f,f+4 the move it self without the dash is crazy fast even faster than the most charactors basic left punch ,great at stopping botton marshers, knocks opppent down.

Also learn solar shark attack its not useable agnist a experinced player but a stupid cpu and your inputing skills should be better and good luck

Yeah, that move only worked if they tried to hit me. I just couldn't remember how to do it. Gonna give it a go now. Will try angelboy's combo too. You might find this hard to believe but I actually DO know two twn hit combos!! Just from the move list of course, but I CAN do them. I'm pretty sure Sumsamurai saw me use one. Though that was almost 2 years ago now :o

Right.. Ikimashou...!!! ('lets go', used kinda out of context ^^).

It would be nice to know what you are able to do tekken wise for exsample are you able to do ten hit combos, do you know how to sidestep right and left, jumping and low jump, back dash, roll forward, backwards and side roll when grounded,

Okay.. like I said, I can do two ten hit combos only though to be fair I mistyped 'ten' so how could you know ^^. But yeah, I can do them. Sidestepping.. I can but sometimes when I try to go left I jump instead. Don't quite have the 'touch' yet. In fact, I probably jump more than I sidestep. Rolling when on the floor, yeah.. rolling at othertimes, erm... didn't know yoshi could do that. I can do that silly thing where he 'donks' the oponent on the head with his sword and stabby death... and windmill things (is the back, back, part of these what you mean by backdash??). Erm... I can backflip. Oh there is too much to list. What would you consider 'difficult' someone mentioned that rising knee kick but is that hard?? Seems pretty straight forward to me...

I probably know most of the things one can do during flea and dragonfly too (I think).. Oh, besides turning to face my opponant after death copter, if that even counts.

What can't I do?? Well I don't know what the star means in the command list so I can't do anything with a star. I find moves that must be done while rising, quite hard to land. Rainbow drop.. can't do it. And soul possession.. give me a break ^^

There will of course be loads of tricks and stuff I don't know.

while rising 2 , moonsault slayer = lol

tried it again last night and it amazes me how easy it is to execute and how funny it stays.. it never gets old xD

It amazes me how, after an hour in practice mode, once I get into arcade I am back to just thumping any old shite. I mean, what??

So, as some of you unfortunate souls who had to sit through it, already know, my adorable 10 year old niece came over last night and played Tekken with me. She unfortunately decided Lili was her character of choice (oh well, no body's perfect), but it was fun. To make it fair, she turned her health bar right up and I had mine at 40 and then eventually 60 (once she had learned the basics). It was actually really hard. I had to really try not to let her hit me because just a punch removed so much of my health bar!! So it was good practice.

I've decided that tonight, I'm gonna practice with just one move at a time. I mean, go into arcade and use mainly the same move over and over. This is just so I can get a feel for how close I have to be, when it misses, when (or if) it's blocked, that kind of stuff. Sure I could read all this stuff online but it would be meaningless to me. Just doing it, is really the only way it will stick in my head and become second nature.

By the way, thanks to everyone who's been helping me out, both here and in msn. I'll get there in the end ^^

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What does while rising 2 do btw? Just tried it but dunno if it worked. I did a swingy punch thing that sent the other dude flying. Is that right or have I pressed it wrong?