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 I think I'll call you Twisted Panties 

This is a nice topic.
Depending on where you know me from, but my first nickname is Young Dragon. Because my father is an aircraft engineer, and they call him Dragon. One day a pilot looked at him and said, "Well! you look like you have the bloodpressure of a dragon!" and the name stuck with him in the aviation industry. Coicidentally during his highschool days, he was nicknamed puff the dragon because of his afropuff. With this in mind, I'm also an avid aviation enthusiast and my dream is to become a pilot for The Caribbean's flag carrier, so i'm usually up at the company''s aircraft hanger, and the guys there call me Young Dragon.

From Highschool and through college they call me Black Dragon; Black: because i'm black, and Dragon: because of my muscular-ish built.

Those who know me through a mutual friend just simply call me Dragon.

So as you can see, the name just follows both my dad and I, and i'm pretty sure that when i have kids in the future, one of them's gonna get the name someway somehow.

Fun faqs: Where i'm from, they dont pronounce the Dr as in Dragon but instead as JAGGAN. ^_^
                  Because of our {dad and I} seemingly italian-ish 1st name, they find it difficult to pronounce, so the dragon thing just gets glued on quicker.

 That's super sweet that your dad's "callsign" was Dragon! :D

Mine was Sparky. :P

I know, I know. . . So terrible of me to keeping bumping ancient history. :p

Um, let's see. Pris was my nickname when I was 19, which my brothers started calling me shortly before I joined this site. The nickname didn't last long, however, and was carried over into being more of an internet handle here-and-there, mostly on art related sites. My brothers also called me Sha-mitsu, since Sha is my name, and everybody noticed how much I admired Yoshi-san. . . since ten years ago come this Christmas. ^^; Kinda funny actually, since I earned the nickname Sha-mitsu the Christmas I was eighteen. :3

When I started writing SC fanfics, I named my OC Sha-mitsu, since she was really just me. Yep, I will admit it, after all these years. ^///^ I did give her a more in-depth backstory than most OCs got back in the day, such as making her the same girl from Setsuka and Mitsurugi's endings, hence her connections to the two. Which made for some hilarious and awkward jokes, as Sha-mitsu's girl bestie wanted to kill her guy bestie. ^_^ You can see that my brothers and I also wrote quite a few crack!fics back then, and still do, hehehe. :p

That was eventually carried over into a serious storyline, however, when I started exploring historical traditions of the time period; it being one of the reasons that Sha-mitsu attempts jigai, as she feels dishonoured for several reasons — the fact that Setsuka's enemy is Mitsurugi just added to what she was going through, which was a lot in the series at that point — but she was found by Sakon just in time. Sakon would go on to ask Yoshimitsu for her hand in marriage. Yoshimitsu would say no, however, which led to some trouble between him and Sakon in that one story. The reason for Sakon asking Yoshimitsu, though, is because samurai needed the approval of a higher ranking samurai, and I had wanted to explore that idea. As I said before, I know Yoshimitsu is a ninja, but he's quite similar to a military samurai, especially in Soul Calibur. Reading over my old Manjitou stories really helped me recently to rediscover myself, and helped me with a lot of soul searching — Yoshimitsu kept a core part of my spirit when I lost myself, which I'm forever grateful for. ^_^

Wait, why am I talking about my story? O.o Sorry, I have a habit of thoughts wandering often. ^^; I have a lot of other nicknames, but I won't bother mentioning them here, since they're "IRRELEVANT!" as Yoshi-san would say. ^o^

I usually prefer to go by Mirage or Malakite, at least online but those names are frequently taken as user names so I came up with jfdhfjug because I can use it anywhere.. and I occasionally joke that it's my name in Swahili when people ask why I chose it...  

Irl, people call me Kev which is just my name shortened Kevin.. 
Then again I even answer to hey you most days lol.

Malakite sounds like Malachite, the English dub version of Kunzite from Sailor Moon series. Very nice! ^.^ ♡

. . . I actually was wondering if I could change my username, since I feel i've outgrown Pris for YOT . . . meh.

Cosmic Forge is my original alias on Tekken Zaibatsu. I chose it for the first time there, because I couldn't think of anything original, honestly.

There was an RPG when I was a kid that I used to play on PC, and I was honestly drawing a blank, so I just went with it. Still is my favorite RPG to date.

Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge

(Short version. The cosmic forge is a celestial pen that, whatever is written by it, comes true. However, whatever is written with it outside the Celestial Circle, where it is meant to be, will be corrupted.  EX: You wish to be immortal, it makes you a vampire. GGs)