Pet Names - Tell Us About Your Nickname

Okie Heres the Thing....
Lets Just say our Nick names and the Reason why u got that nickname ....... and your real Name (If you dont mind saying )

So I will start with me

Name : Vijay Kumar S

Nick name : Yoshimitsu, Cyber , Cyberkid......

Reason...... (Yoshi)From the days of Tekken 3 the only Player I played constantly is Yoshi.... Even now when i pick Alisa people just tease me around Why the hell is yoshimitsu picking alisa and all :P

Cyberkidvj...... Cos I used to Hang around internet too much when i was in Medical schoool so people call me cyber...and that was in my first Year so i was like Kid to all....... Hence forth Cyberkid :D

now come on your turn \m/

Added 54 seconds later:

Oh.... and there is one more game that i play ....... DOTA ....and i pick drow in that game consistenly....Hence i am also called Drow freak :P

Added 1 minute later:

Nobody wants to share. :( come on i promise i wont tease you.

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My Nick name is Sum from SumSamurai, and it has stuck with me everywhere else I go. Though I know Yoshi is a ninja, but he sometimes doesn't dress like one, so I always Called him 'Some Samurai'

Oh.. And my mum calls me bumble bee.. heh :D

Wow bumble bee is cool man. What about your friends dont they tease you or something. And who called you sumsamurai.

Smooth Criminal - my gamertag I use for any competitive game. I like Michael Jackson but that's not the reason I chose the name. I was looking for a good name to kick ass with and the song came up. I've been using it whenever I can.

Smooth Operator - normally my 2nd gamertag. I took it since it's also a song and it goes well with Smooth Criminal.

Grey - some games only allow actual 'names' so I stuck with Grey which are my initials, Rey G. = G.Rey

Wizard - a nickname I'm called by my friends. It started off as an insult by my friend making fun of me reading Harry Potter and playing Everquest and all that nerdy stuff. Grew to a compliment every time I say something smart. Then my friend started introducing me to other friends as wizard. The name stuck and I like it now since it goes with anything I try.

Wow grey cool nickname you have specially wizard . XD thanks for sharing .... Lunbarden leviosa....

TheYoshimitsu ... why ? (Yoshimitsu) hehe

People have groovy nicknames here... I'm a tad envious.

Mine's simple; "TeeKoo" (pronounced T-eh-K-oh), which is Finnish pronounciation of my initials, T and K.

heh, mine's even simpler :p

People just call me 'Angel' or 'Ninja'

And why do they call you boy ? :p

# vijay_kumar_cute : And why do they call you boy ? :p

They don't, it's something I just added a long time ago (when I was a boy) when I had to come up with my virtual name...

Hahaha... I was just kidding... they will call you boy cos you are boy.... XD

Ah okay, I'll join in. Although I AM pretty sure I've explained mine somewhere on this forum. So why Jembru? It is the first 3 letters of my first name followed by the first 3 letters of my family name. This was everyone's username given to them when I was in college. Some of the names didn't flow from the tongue, like a friend of mine who was 'tramcv', but for some of us, like Jembru and Sarpen, the names stuck and became our nicknames. Sarpen's was so 'sticky' that we NEVER call her by her real name, Sarah, even all these years later. I still get Jembru but I at least also get called by my real name, Jemma. Although I really like the name Jembru for some reason. It is the name I give to my cheeky, playful, clownish side. Yes, believe it or not I am not always like that ^^ I can be pretty deep and spiritual too when no one's watching ;)

Oh as a kid, my parents called me 'German'. I know this sounds insane considering my recent brush with that country and language, but honestly this was (and sometimes still is) what my immediate family called me. It actually has nothing at all to do with the country, nationality or language and is just a play on words, but that's another story because this is, as always, getting typically Jembru-length.

 That's awesome, Jembru. :D  I like it!

My nickname is Sparky or Salty.  I got them when I was in the military.  I was called Sparky because I was loud and motivated. :P  And I was called Salty becasue I was one of the younger, newer troops.  They called me "salty" as a joke, sicne "salty" kinda means that one is old and experienced, which I totally wasn't. XD

Kai, because it's shorter than my real name, Kyril. Some people don't even know my real name lol
   Online I used to be called Snipes, mostly because I was the kind of person that preferred sniping over any other weapon or style, basically the state of mind of 'think twice, cut once' kind of thing

 I used to be called CP on a few forums...

And there was a member called DP, so juvenille hilarity ensued.

I was nicknamed Phanty and Panties respectively on another site. Basically, Phantasmagoria butchered into something lovable and sexually driven.

I go by Twisted (Senses/less) now because I thought the combination sounded just that bit of pretentious and nearly angsty.