Secret Manji arts technique....

So can any one tell fellow brethren about the secrets which are not in zaibatsu. I am a newbie aka noob so i have few doubts. Does u 3+4 crush high and does normal flash give f1+2 bounce or only confined to 4~1 . I think i saw both moves in a video.

u+3+4 does crush high at perfect timing. However if a high or mid covers higher ground, it will hit u+3+4. Do note that the "vanishing" animation does not technically make Yoshi disappear.

flash info f+1+2 only combos in no sword stance.

1.Can you Pls list out high crush moves, mid crush and low crush moves. 2. What are all the moves that would guarantee flash punishment like Yoshis u/f 3 Or kings f 2+3. by the way are u the same nooodle head from Tekken zaibatsu ?
man it was from one of ur Matches I saw that one sword stance flash can be converted into f1+2 juggle !!!!!!!!
is it possible to do that plzzzzz plz plz tell ...

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Yeah I am Noodle from TZ. :)

There aren't many instant high crushes in Yoshi's game. He's one of the few that does not have a crouch jab. However, there are a few occasions where you can set things up to crush at certain levels.

High crush:
- d/b+3's
- Fc d/f+4
- Fc d/f+1
- Fc u/f+4
- d+2,2 (does not instant crush high)
- BT u/f+4
- BT d+1
- BT d+2

There's no true mid-crush in this game. It'd be too cheap. However, most of the semi-mid crush are stance-related.
- FLE d~2
- FLE d~3+4

Low Crush:
- u/f+3
- BT u/f+4
- IND 3
- IND 1
- u/f+3+4 series
- BT 3
- MED 3
- BT bad stomach 3_4
- CD+1
- u/f+4
- u+3+4

About Flash into f+1+2 B!, the one u saw from my vid was likely a wall juggle. A high wall splat (likely u/f+3 I did) into flash and then f+1+2 is a combo. I would not be able to flash people w/ 1SS 1+4 into f+1+2 myself. That I am pretty sure about. :) There's no secret on that.

Also about the flash list... That you might have to ask Inca. He's better at punishment list than I am. I am only good w/ coming up w/ weird setups. :P

Thats noodle head. I like your gameplay. I think you have uploaded souten videos, it might be in his videos. Any how i will cross check and upload. So is inca in Manjikai too. Wow that would be great. I have seen amphrend in here. By the way what is your combo to flash. I would go into flea and flea run to flea 2. 43 damage i guess. I try just hit flea 1+2 but i only succeed to touch but not bounce. I cant do even b2, 1 kin f2. Can any one help me out here. And one more thing how can you go into back turned bad stomach. Thanks in advance. XD

yeah, my Flash juggle is just Flash FLE~f,f 2. When hit off-axis, I'd forgo the 2 and do the FLE walk mixup. You can do FLE walk 4 from a good distance, but if you do wanna land the 3, you have to walk a bit closer to your opponent.

If you do not like Fle walk after dash, you can do u/f and FLE d when you land. From there you can mix up w/ 2 or 3+4.

BT bad stomach is just done d/b+1+2 during BT. d/b+1+2 is as if you are still facing forward. It's a lot easier to do it right after moves, such as IND~b, or BT 3. This requires a bit practice.

My flash juggle is normally flash, d/b+3,3,3,4, cd+1. I'm still practicing the one with the bound from that one Yoshi combo video (I think it was Jakadayo's). It goes flash, ws+4, 1, f+1+2 B!, b+2,1. It's really strict, I'm doubting the reliability of it in a match but I know the extra damage is seriously going to matter between a win or a loss.

Another high crush would be b+1+2. It's safe cause it has a little push back and it's a wall splat if it hits with opponent's back on the wall. If I spam enough d/f+1 and d/f+3 opponents normally start jabbing so this really comes in handy.

I try not to include the evasive attack in the mix if it's not a crush. I was pretty sure that my b+1+2 has been launched by EWGF before.

However, as an evasive move, b+1+2 is amazing.

LIke grey said what about diffenret combos from Flea would be Great.......... plz help me out....... i mean i have seen this kinda combos in videos but what about ingame / tourney ?

unfortunately, most of the tourney juggles for 1ss flash tend to end w/ FLA f,f. It's kinda like f,f+4 juggle, and you only have limited way of mixing it up.

# NoodleHead : I try not to include the evasive attack in the mix if it's not a crush. I was pretty sure that my b+1+2 has been launched by EWGF before.

Oh I never thought of that and I've never experienced it. I pretty much regarded it as a high crush. I've evaded ewgf with b+1+2 before but looking at it, a well timed ewgf would probably hit.

Oh experienced something weird today. A Bryan player threw a d/f+3 on me so I used u/f+4 on him but I got hit by the snake edge still. I'm like wtf?! A similar thing happened with my Eddy, Bryan threw the d/f+4 and I threw Eddy's u/f+4 and I got hit. This game has stupid hit boxes sometimes.

yeah agreed. Yoshi's hitbox was rushed to say the least. Did you guys see a recent vid w/ many hit-box inconsistencies? Many involve yoshi lol.

Can we use any of those stupid hit boxes to our advantage. B)

Yes you can. I've got a few setups that use those hit-box inconsistencies.

# NoodleHead : Yes you can. I've got a few setups that use those hit-box inconsistencies.
if we're talking about the importance of hitboxes, I always get reminded to street fighter 4..

but please share your knowledge of the hitboxes of yoshi