I'm Simone from Rome,i have 21 years old. I played tekken 6 since february and I saw this website from tekken zaibatsu. My main pg is Yoshi ed my PSN is Symon189-San.


Nice to meet you, and Welcome!!

Welcome to YOT. :)

welcome to the YOT ^^

yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Welcome to manjikai. I'm Jembru. Hope you like this forum. There are some great members on here. I am not one of them, but still, there ARE some great members.


Edit: Here is a case in point which just proves the general greatness of yot members. A friend from the forum has told me to edit my message because I am in fact, a great member after all ^^ Sorry for the misinformation, as it turns out we are all rather great! Now that you have joined, that means you are now officially great too!! So pull of a chair, pour yourself a drink and enjoy the wealth of Yoshi goodness we have collected here!

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Thanks to all for the welcome! Add me on psn to do some match! send me a message saying that you are the forum!

Sup? Namu! I'll have to add you to my PSN next time I'm online. If I forget, my PSN name is JT_the_Ninja.

I'll have the 1st third of our matches up by tonight.

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Here it is:

It'll also be available under YOT Matches

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