Looking for a certain artist

Hey guys, it's been a long while since I've visited here.

Granted, I seem to remember there being a gallery specifically dedicated to a certain artist's fanart on here. He had these IMMACULATE fan pieces, going all the way up to Tekken 5 yoshi. He also sometimes had drawings of Bryan fury, and Kunimitsu as well.

In certain I remember he had a gorgeous picture of Yoshi in his P2 outfit from T4 facing with his back toward the viewer. He had one of him in the Hell's gate stage, and many many other stunning pieces. The style looked rather realistic too.

Can anyone possibly let me know where to find his art? Thanks I'd really really appreciate it! :)

His name was Suekichi. He stopped drawing Yoshi because shameless people stole his arts.
He just disappeared from the internet.

Here's one of the remainings after him:

You can see the link to his non-existant Hara-kiri shrine.

I regret I ever added his link as an affiliation button so that the shameless thieves could reach his site. He would post arts until now.

I had some email addresses of him, but he doesn't respond to any email anymore.

Of course I have some of his arts saved, but I'll never publish them again.

Did he say he left because of the thieves?

# SumSamurai : Did he say he left because of the thieves?

Yes, exactly.

That's a shame... But don't take it hard on yourself because you shared the link to his site. It was Yoshi related, and one shouldn't feel ashamed to share with others. People learn by sharing... After all, the point he made that site was to show his artworks to the world. So many Tekken fans enjoyed them during the time they were available. - Others spoiled it, and took the opportunity to use them to sugercoat their own websites. This happens all the time to everything in life. From an artist to new unestablished entrepreneurs. It's too bad they weren't watermarked.

Where ever he is, I hope he's fine and got a job using his fine artistic skills. :)

It's a damn shame. :( I absolutely adored his artwork. My old computer crashed, so all of the incredible art pieces he had vanished with it...

Do you think perhaps you might be able to send me the ones that you do have over a note on here? I absolutely completely would love to have them. I cherished his art as some of the best art (period) I'd run across of the series.