Freestyle Yoshimitsu Combo's

NSS ,d/f+2 b+1,1, iws 3 2, B!, f3+4, f1+2 doesnt seem possible. f3+4 wont connect. anyone else having this problem?

I think it's just strict timing after B!, after ws32 I typically just stick with b21.

Here's a few NSS combos I use if you're interested:

df2, b111, uf4 B! ssr f+3+4, d22
df2, b11, b11 uf4 B! ssr f+3+4 d22
df2, uf4 B! f+3+4, df2, b21

You can get 2 more spins for your iws3,2 combos as well:

df2, b11, b11, iws 3,2 B!

iws+3,2 ender into f+3+4 is usually not so easy. From the convo I had w/ Tenshi a while ago, she said that ss a bit immediately after you are recovered from ws+3,2 helps f+3+4 (immediately after ss) to land.

for NSS d/f+2 juggle... this is one of the easiest high damage juggle I know.

NSS d/f+2 f+3+4 1 b+1 b+2,1~KIN f+2

Having no B! in this juggle is also a bonus. At wall, bound your opp w/ d/f+3,2.