Freestyle Yoshimitsu Combo's

shorter range and weaker damage, but it's still an unblockable. Tech-trap, more exact.

it is one tactic.
But b,b+1+4 hit after combos ending.
So, it is not part of combo?

One more:
BT u/f+4 ~ ff+4, d+2, 3, 2, b2 1 74dmg

It is better, but i think it is litle more harder too..

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Yeah, it's not part of the combo, so I was very careful not to use that word in my post. :P

A lot of times, people prefer not to go for the maximum combos, but w/ better wakes or setups. In tekken, there are a lot of juggles that target opponent who does not tech. Characters such as Bryan, Baek, Ling, Yoshi, and many others, have combo extensions that are not absolutely guaranteed but can only escape if opponent mashes tech roll during the combo sequence. The "tech trap" version is aiming at those who try to mash to get out of the possible longer version of the "combo."

don't know what you consider freestyle and what a normal juggle is.

NSS d/f+2 U/F~n+4 d/f+2, b+2,1 KIN f+2 65 dmg I think can't read the text since I'm on a crt. =3
no bound but who cares. Consider it a high dmg wall carry juggle. at the end if you see if they'll hit the wall just dash in and d/f+3,1 as they hit the wall, then go for your fav ender.

NSS d/f+2 ,1 b+1,1 ws+3,2 B! b+2,1 57 dmg I think.

NSS u+3+4, d+1 B! f+3+4, d/f+2, b+2,1 68 dmg I think

NSS u+3+4, d/f+2, 1, f+3+4, 1, ff+4_3~4 ~60 dmg.

doesn't really get more random/freestyle than those. lol

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u/f+3 b+1,1,1,1 d/b+1 B! d+1+2 FLE 3+4

d/f+2,2 f+1 b+1,1 d/b+1 B! d+1+2 FLE u+3+4

NSS d/f+2 u/f+3 1 b+1 d+1 B! f+3+4 f+1+2

You can always interchange small parts here and there, but these should be very dazzling to see in the match, much more so than Inca's junk. *nudges* :P

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On topic:

u/f+3 b+1,1,1 b+1,1 f+1+2 B! d+1+2~3+4.

It's guaranteed if you are fast enough. Set the tech roll on and you will see. :) This might be the best damage juggle for the good oki u/f+3 combo.

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You may interchange any small parts as you like. :)

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I saw in a video once... an Almost impossible combo :P

NSS.....d/f2,d/f2 b+1,1,(1),1 ,u/f4 ,1,2 b+2,1,(1+2=Kin)f2

I couldnt do it .......can u guys plz try it out

the combo contributions r getting kind of messy...

maybe I should order them all based on the launchers

and kumar, I'll try that out as soon as my brother stops playing yakuza 3 X.x