What's up everyone!

Not sure if I'm doing this right... but oh well... here goes nothing!

My PSN is chaosizme. I'm 21 years old. I play Tekken "almost" everyday.

I first played Tekken when it came out on the PS1 way back in '94 I think. I was a hardcore Yoshimitsu user all the way til' Tekken 3. I loved playing at the local arcades. But then the local arcade scene disappeared and I never played another Tekken game after the 3rd. :(

Fast forward 10+ years later, a few of my friends start talking about Evo 2k10. I end up watching it via stream and was impressed by the new Tekken 6 game. I was also impressed by the juggling/movement that the eventual winner Nin and other players displayed. This made me want to go out and buy the video game right away, so I did!

I bought the game only a few months ago, but I'm training like crazy to get my Yoshimitsu in top shape. It's been 10+ years, but I'm trying to knock the rust off. I hope to play all of you eventually. :)

wellcome back to Tekken and wellcome to this site

Welcome! I'm glad to see an old schooler come back into it.. I look forward to playing you soon, add me on psn, my name is Yoshimattsu there too.

welcome to our community =3

I'll add you asap ^^

Hey, welcome to the YOT! :D My PSN is Aozame32. Mind if we add each other?

Sure, go for it!

Also, I'm 99% sure I've played you before Yoshimattsu... haha. I was using Alisa and I think you beat me pretty badly.

Yo, yo, yo! Welcome! Hope to play a lot of Tekken with you real soon!

PSN: Sideways-SX

That rocks dude! I'm adding you now.. I'm honored you remember me!