People with honor

Totally make my day. I was just playing some ranked matches on Tekken and I played a very good player using Lars. He knew some great combos and linked other moves very well. Until 2nd round, near the white wall on Tomato party, HE SPAMMED ME. You know those kicks that keep you on the floor? Yup. Those. But you know what? We had a good game overall, and to top it off, he APOLOGIZED! :D I let him know he was too good to be spamming to win and he said, "Sorry" and shared mutual feelings towards spammers.

Boy is life great, haha.

that's honourable.

I like people who actually WAIT when it's super clear the opponent left to do something urgent during a match..

you don't see a lot of players wait and be patient for their opponent to return, even if it's only for 20 seconds

Yeah, great people out there.

Sadly people don't share the same code of Honor that Yoshi lives by. If there's anything I've learned from years of playing fighting games though is that while everything is cheap, nothing actually is. It's up to you whether they work or not. Everyone starts off thinking Eddy/Christie are broken characters but when you get better you'll realize how stupid slippery kicks are. If people spam grabs then learn how to throw break, you basically rendered their whole game plan useless.

"Play to win" and some people really take that seriously. You'll find a lot of players like that and you just have to get good enough to show you're much better than them. I think laming it out is a horrible way to play but that just makes me want to get better and prove I'm better than them.

I had a code when I played with a small circle people, do whatever you want to win. why? well instead of disapove the chessy moves like all did, you learnt those litte hints to counter them but I´m not gonna lie is a nightmere in the start, because when you are losing countless battles due that stupid, annyoing, and extremely cheap your opppenent spams over and over. Your gonna pissed but the wait becomes a good lesson when you beat him and he learns it don't work anymore and that his is forced to devop new ways to win.

So, do you guys have any defensive tips? I have some TERRIBLE defense.

I think I'll weigh in on this. I can understand how frustrating spammers can be, but in the same vein, if someone gives me frame advantage, I harbor no guilt in punishing them everytime, even if it's a 1,1 punish every time. I'm not gonna lose because I wanna be flashy and forget the basic wait/punish strategy that the Koreans and Japanese employ so very well. In the end, I'd rather keep my victories honorable, but I'm not gonna lose sleep at night if I have to be a cheap-ass to beat a cheap-ass...

# DEGUZZI : So, do you guys have any defensive tips? I have some TERRIBLE defense.
just try to make the opponent whiff their attacks a lot and punish/intercept them with pokes.
it's also very important to keep ur distance

catch them with d/f+2,2 on the whiff

Well, but what about people who talk trash to you, accusing you of cheap game, just because you play Yoshi? "This character is cheap! It's abnormal! I can't play normally versus him! Stop playing this shit!"

And I'm just playing a normal Yoshimitsu game.

Yoshi players I think have a hard task. At one side, we all "play to win" (To win respect for Yoshimitsu as a character, mostly. This is my case), but at the other side: we want to enjoy the game. But it's hard to enjoy playing Yoshi against brainless spammers, who don't bother to analyze your game. It's almost an insult. :) "Do whatever, I'll crush you anyway, I'll u/f+3 you to heavens whatever you do (Lars player)". :)

As for defense... HMMMM. Hard to tell. Tekken 6 is such a chaotic game...

1. Learn to maintain your spacing. At any cost, be patient. It's the spacing at which opponent's punch series will whiff and your b+2 or d/f+2,2 will hit him just as he whiffs a move. A bit closer and you're also in low spins / d/f+1 range.
2. Don't panic when under a rain of moves like fast punches. Patiently wait for your opening/low parry/duck and memorize your opponent's habits. Try to gradually retreat with a very fast backdash cancelling. If you feel confident, fit in a SS+1 under punches for a nice CH launch.

To defend well, learn some basic frames. Some basic rules... I'll write them all later, OK? :)

Code. 1. Never spam mindlessly... 2. Never throw grabs... 3. Never give up...

When I get frustrated I spam my xbox controller against my ass till I win (takes a fairly long amount of time I have to admit)