YOT matches

Game audio, eh? Awesome! :D

BTW, I like how you've organized the videos. Really cool.

Now that I'm uploading videos without music, there should not be anymore copyright issues. But, what concerns me is how many videos I'll be publishing per week :O

We need some non Yoshi players for the video mix..

Hahaha, I was starting to think the same thing.

# DEGUZZI : Hahaha, I was starting to think the same thing.
I'm willing to use some other characters o.o

I don't know much with any other character... I know a tiny bit with Xiaoyu and Raven, but not much...

I was thinking like bring in players who are as passionate about their character as we are about Yoshi..

So, like a YOT-hosted Tekken Tournament?

Haha exactly, brilliant thinking!

hm, I wonder if AkFan will participate as king or as yoshimitsu

I could use Armor king if you guys want that, the only reason why I didn't was because this a yoshi site

Session with AngelBoy is up.

woo! awesome =DDD

Any suggestions on how I should organize my videos? I was thinking by day, or just post the link and list who's in it.

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Last night's matches with Grey are up

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Good stuff, guys. :) It seems like you guys had a lot of fun in those matches. :)