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Well, a new school year is fast approaching and I'll definitely have some time to draw when I'm doing nothing in class or I'm just bored.

Here's a few I did in the previous year: (Broly) (Yoshimitsu-inspired) (Falling Baby)
>> (Untitled)

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Sweet drawings! I have never been very artistic :(

Thanks. Well, you don't have to be artistic to make art :P

Indeed you are right about that but it does help..

Love the Broly. Reminds of the millions of Dragonball drawings I have on the back of all my notebooks growing up.

Very well done!
Please consider adding them to YOT Fan Art gallery. (see "My files" link at the very top menu)

woa, the broly pic looks fantastic

One fact about my broly drawing, a friend told me to draw Broly, so I found a picture of him on the internet and drew him in an hour during a BORING APUSH lecture.

Wow, it's really good! And I like the samurai-esque one as well! :D

The doodle I drew today is up!

Whoa, why is he falling? It's a little creepy, but that also makes it awesome!

I love talent and always have so much respect for anyone who can draw (or play an instrument). As my college students would say, 'That's proper beast!' (turns out that's street talk for, 'that's awesome').

Haha, well, I originally planned on having the baby fall on a nail, but I was like.. I'm feeling for trees, so... Trees it was :P

Added 6 days later:

I've got a new drawing up! It was a request from a friend of mine

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woa, magnificent!
It took me a while to see the birds in your drawing! At first I thought it was a plant/flower. Then I noticed that eye on the bottom of the screen and the birds.

Perfect , realy perfect, good job !