Fight Schedule

If everyone can post their time zone and the times they usually play (hours please), I'll attempt to organize a fight schedule for everyone.

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Guam Time zone. Usually I play from 10:00pm to 1:00am or 2:00am. Weekends aren't set in stone, I normally play all day but that really depends if I have something to do.

In regards to connection, there's no way you're going to have a really good connection with me. Lag is bearable as long as I can somewhat pull off my moves. I'll play whoever just for the experience. I honestly don't mind but it's up to you if you don't mind. Just a warning.


I'm usually awake at 15:00 pm so I guess I could play from 16:00 pm till 5:00 am

Dinner and food not calculated cuz I eat at random times

Times may change next week cuz next week school is starting again

So... 4pm-5am for you?

Don't play right now. But will humiliate myself once I get paid and buy the damned game. Then, I am GMT. You don't have to play me if you don't want to though. I won't be hurt. I'm a clueless button bashing maniac. If you've had some bad games and want to feel better by bashing someone around like a punch bag though, then I am your gal. ^^

I know, I know... why would I be a yoshi fan if I suck at video games? Well, I'm only interested in him for his money of course. :p

# DEGUZZI : So... 4pm-5am for you?


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Can you understand it, AngelBoy?

I believe I am in Mountain Time Zone, and I play at many different times but mostly between 10am-1pm and 10pm-3 am.

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Can you understand it, AngelBoy?
that looks about right...
if you ever want to play, contact me on msn though

Alright, updated*

I'm supposedly In gmt+2 not gmt+1

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You know you can set your timezone in your profile? (just in case)

I have mentioned this many times but god you are doing so many good things for this place right now, drawing fanart, planing fight schedules, recording online matches and making cool videos out of them.

While many just says alot of stuff trying to get people involed and promisses a great deal but never get from A to B but the way you are doing your dayily job is just freaking robot, like you most have a huge amount of energy or a very very well planed schedule :D

I've got hit by this little needle, AK Fan. :P

Oh S#"# lets just pretend I didn't say that XD