A new challenger..!

No, not really, but I am a Yoshi ENTHUSIAST!

I've been playing since Tekken 3/Tag but I never actually used Yoshi as a main until Tekken 5. I'm glad I got into using Yoshi because there really no one else like him.

Tekken aside, I'm a So Cal HS senior who is equally interested in drifting, cars, music, games, football and sketching.

Well, that's it for now, find me on PSN! Sideways-SX

Welcomed within a minute! Be nice to see some of your Yoshi sketches, if any. Have fun, and enjoy your stay! :P

Thanks for the warm welcome! Actually, I haven't attempted drawing Yoshi yet :P It'll be something I'll have to do ASAP, haha

Looking forward to seeing your artwork as well :)

Welcome! I'll add you on PSN, enjoy your stay!

hey, welcome to the forum, I'll add u on PSN as well

Holy sweet cocobeans and butter! I love ur avatar! Urber spaceninja style ;P

Woah.. I LOVE your avatar!! My favourite ninja in my favourite colour! Welcome to YOT. Make yourself at home and feel free to share yoshi pictures as they are always gladly received.


Thanks, guys! It was nothing; just a little hue rotation, layers, and fancy flames :P

Our connection should be pretty good considering we're not too far apart geographically, I get fours from most Californians.. I look forward to running into you online!

No Yoshimitsu drawing yet, but here's a few I did in my junior year. Boredom goes a long way for motivation.

A sketch of a picture I found of Broly online. Completed in a 60 minute period of AP US History.
(Ignore the bottom signature. My buddy wanted some fame and signed it, HAHA)

and another sketch I did in Pre-Cal.

Good matches tonight dude, I like your Flash efficiency!

Oh yeah! Haven't had that much fun in awhile. Your combos nailed me though, haha. I need to work on my patience :P