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Okay, this place gets so quiet and I guess that is because we will always eventually run out of Yoshi/tekken related topics. So, how about you brush up your journalism skills and review some of the other games you're playing right now? Let us know what rocks and what stinks.. give us something to do while the Playstation is broken, or when we're tired of always winning on Tekken and need a break (lol, hehe.. think I used the wrong antonym in that sentence). Summer hols are coming up so the spring chickens amongst us have no excuse not to get writing! Come OOOOON..

So without further ado and to surely make Sum's eyes roll.. I'll kick this off with: Zombie Pets!!

Zombie Pets

If the devil were a social networking site, he would surely be Facebook. It draws you in.. it takes so much and yet gives back so little. Though you can't leave. You feel terrible when no one replies to your latest comment about how many pringles you have just eaten; you just HAVE to 'like' your friend's picture of their cat with its head stuck in a tissue box; hopefully, they will reply in kind and 'like' the photo you just posted of a peanut that looks like a man with a big nose. Don't you dare delete your account though. No no.. not only will facebook keep all your information anyway (just in case you come back ;)) but you will be inundated with messages from people who barely smile as you pass them in the street, saying 'why did you leave?', 'Is something wrong?', 'How can I make this right???' Even facebook itself has the 'break up' talk with you before you leave, and anyone who has ever dumped or been dumped, knows how emotionally draining THAT is. Yup, you end up saying, 'okay, okay, I'll stay.. sheesh..' Well, anything for an easy life, right!

There is one gem amongst all this though...

I've played a few Facebook games and they tend to be dull, annoying and they punish you for having too few friends using the game, to pressure you into getting your contacts hooked too. Oh, and they often try to push you into using real money. I've seen a bed on an online game that cost more than a loaf of bread in real life. I'd rather take the bread thanks.

Zombie Pets is in a league of its own, however. The idea is simple enough; buy a zombie, care for it, feed it brains and then when it is mature, sell it for a profit. That's not a lot different to the farming games of course, except that there is not much cooler than a zombie. There is more though. I don't remember the last time I heard such an awesome soundtrack on a game. I can't describe it well but I shall try. It is like a radio broadcast with occasional talking, some really strange comments and really funky music. The music style fits the game perfectly somehow and is a mixture of jazz and rock n' roll. There is an instrumental cover of Smells like Teen Spirit, some weird songs about death, some songs that really make you giggle if you listen to the lyrics and.. even a jazz cover of the Batman theme tune!!

The zombies themselves are cool. You start off with one human and a few animals while you go through the tutorial and then you can start buying and selling all kinds. After you level up a few times, you can even unlock a MJ 'Thriller' zombie!! There are other ways to get zombies too. My favourite method is to wait until a friend's zombie hasn't been sold in time and died. You then have the option of stealing the dead zombie and resurrecting it (with the most exciting crash of blood red lightning ^^). There is also a red backpack which you can sometimes find free zombies in, or other things to decorate your habitat such as head stones and blood splatters.

While you're waiting for your zombies to mature, you can pass the time by collecting the items which appear in your habitat. These can then be used to cast spells later which kinda adds to the fun.

My only regret is that I can't use my zombies to go into the other applications I started such as pet society and hotel city, so that they can massacre the animals and people in there. Heck, I'd even pay for playfish money to see THAT. Oh, Zombie Pets is by Beaverlabs (funny name) and hasn't so far, asked for real money!!

So, if you have been sucked in and are stuck on that evil social networking site anyway, give Zombie Pets a try. If you don't use Facebook, then don't bother. It's like smoking: it really is better not to start in the first place!


Right.. come on, I did mine.. someone else now? Can be any game you like, for any console (even Tekken if you like!!).

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Haven't had much time for games... Here's the last i played, and wish to complete sometime soon.

Men of war red tide. Play somewhat historically accurate battles based on Soviet Russia side of WW2

I love to throw my granades into the trenches of the enimie.. And hear his screams as he runs out of the trech in panic to avoid the following explosion! But he is only met by my troops shooting at him for exposing himself on open grounds :P NO escape! XD Flanking is also quite fun! There's nice surprise element in surrounding and bombarding the enimie when he initially thought I was far away. And also it's quite amusing when i trick him, and he fires in wrong directions like an idiot, while i'm busy getting closer, and closer... and :D

just picking any random video here... This tard rushed in, and then blew himself with his own grenade... Fail.

Another fave of mine is made by 1st class stoner Jeff Minter.. REVENGE OF TEH MUTANT CAMELS! Basically there's no real point to the game. You just need to stay alive for as long as you can until the game loops, and you'll get even more trippy randomised background imagery. As you can see, there are various drugs available for our furry mutant friends in block form; They either handicap, kill or make your arsenal seemingly better! But don't be fooled, because no matter how flash it looks, it's all the same. :D They really should make more games like this. I'm getting bored of all these fancy HD graphics and adrenaline rush games...
Don't think I'm any good at writing journals.. Think i left you guys with some kinda review / slash inserted my own personal comments.. Please don't judge me for my choice of games. XD I relieve you all, and did't share with you Llama tron. That would be just plain cruel of me. XD

Wow.. I love all things surreal! They really should do a remake of Revenge of the Mutant Camels. Maybe with music? Why don't people do these things? I'm on the market for a new game right now, trying to shop around, keep my options open..

Oh my gosh.... This is more trippy and weird than Llamatron and Space giraffe combined!

Urban legened game Polybuis. Apparently it was an arcade game released in Portland, Or in 1981. It caused players to become insane, stressed and have weird side affects like amnesia and suicide tenancies.. (Pfft.. I wouldn't believe that. Maybe the soundtrack drove them insane.) Within a short time after its release, it disappeared without a trace. Several people claim to own the rom, but none share it. And there is no existing hard evidence that the game existed. Like i said, it's an urban legend, could be hoax...


WARNING: EVEN WORSE. This is a very elaborate remake of the game, because graphics weren't this advanced in 1980's. Loads of flashing and trippy imagry.. It made me nautious. Would make a sweet media player visualisation though. :P

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Alright, then. Unsurprisingly, my review will be on

Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines (Clan Quest Mod)

VtMB is a game that combines FPS and role playing seamlessly into a one, heck of a game that'll either hook you into it completely or scare the living daylights out of you.

Intro: (player is playing as a female Tremere - my favourite choice, as well!)

The game begins as you become 'Embraced', become a vampire, and your Sire is beheaded for an illegal Embrace. By a stroke of luck, you survive the court, and continue to wander the nights as a new undead. You walk from one quest to another, gaining experience and making new friends and enemies. You encounter a myriad of different characters, some nasty, some nice, some trustful, some deceitful. You're on your own with your decisions - pray you make the right ones!

For being roughly 8 years old a game, VtMB is still quite the eyecandy, and is still expanding due to fan-made mods and extras. I'm concentrating on the Clan Quest Mod, since I've been helping in creating it as a voice actor.

VtMB as-is:
Without the unofficial patches and fan-made extras, the game loses a lot of its potential. The game creators went bankrupt while making it, so it had to be rushed and it suffered a great deal of damage due to it. In any case, the "vanilla VtMB" is still a rock-solid platform for an amazing adventure where the choices you make literally follow you until the very end.

The "vanilla VtMB" is very buggy and due to it, rather unpredictable. Things that shouldn't happen, happen anyway and vice versa. The creepy attmospheres it creates are shattered by disfunctional graphics and broken models, things getting stuck for no reason and looping dialogues, not to mention near-impossible battles. The story, as magnificent and vivid (and, in a sense, so REAL) as it is, can't be truly enjoyed due to this.

Do not worry, young one. This is where the CQM comes in!

A gameplay mod, made by nickname burgermeister01, adds one, extra quest for every vampire clan and 3 universal quests, and the mod also includes heaploads of other enhancement, such as the unofficial patches, Camarilla Edition mod, Arsenal mod etc. This package breathes a whole new life into the game, with enhanced graphics, removed bugs, new weapons and, heck, even new rules of the game! Whereas in "vanilla VtMB" you could, theoretically, run through the whole game without feeding a single time to fill your blood pool, you now have to feed regularily to maintain that thin facade of unlife - just as it should be. Most of the vampiric disciples have been re-done to match their clans and stay faithful to the original pen-and-paper game.

Let's have a look at one of the new quests. The quest for clan Tremere, received from the only game character that could rival even Yoshimitsu himself in absolute awesomeness, the Tremere regent, Maximillian Strauss:

The trouble? The Malkavian sister(s) refuse to co-operate and fling you into a catatonic dream where you have to fight yourself back to the real world. Apparently Mr. Strauss does fetch your body from Santa Monica back to the Chantry where you talk to him, but that's all he can do to help. The rest is up to you, young one. The dream world is vivid and colourful, to say the least, perfectly fitting for the game's theme.

And this quest is only one of many.

Overall, VtMB is a game that lives on. It's definitely one of those games someone re-installs when you mention it. In the hands of its fans, VtMB has bloomed into a legend that no-one should miss. As you can install as many copies of it into your hard drive simultaneously, you can enjoy trying out all the magnificent mods without re-installing or compatibility issues. Additionally, there will be an "Antitribu"-mod release, that'll create a whole new game on the engine of the vanilla VtMB.

How many other games can be tempered to this extent?

Bottom line, VtMB: CQM
Graphics: 3,5 / 5
Gameplay: 3 / 5
Story: 4,5 / 5
Voice acting: 5 / 5 (half the staff is known either from Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid!)
Addictiveness: 100 / 5