Ninja vs. Samurai

My match from the most recent tourny. Crazy fight, divine intervention is the only explanation I can give.

Fight 1

Fight 2

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Wow! This match was crazy!! Raven is one of those characters that I really struggle against, so I feel ya bro.. Also I think it's really cool that you posted a video of you taking a loss in a tourny, it says a lot about the kind of person you are, most folks are far too prideful.. I love the KIN3 into DGF transition, it's a great way to confuse people who are already accustomed to Yoshi's trasitional arsenal..

that 3+4 b+2,2,2, 4 at the downed oppenent followed by qfc+2 was sweet, I liked you what you were doing with your speed and sidestepping at the first round it seemed like he didn´t got enough room and had much pressure on him to strike back, I have only watched the first vid but will coment at the other vid too

wtf was that at the ending in the first video, you didn't finish him!!

good match though

not bad...