YOT Awards?

Well... Clearly You guys know who the Best Tekken player is * looks away from audience with shy* Me ^.^ ( Not that any one would agree :D specially girls :p ). Ok. But online method is not the way to decide the best Yoshi player. ( i cant play online) so lets put other awards other than best player. Oh wait how about best online Yoshi player ~.^ i know i am a genius. :p. It would be great if we could do it by the end of this year ( more appropriate) oh, i would like to add few more to the list of awards. Like award for max logins. Max posts. Max noob (i hope to win this unless Jembru beats me) , award for photo submission ( weird ones from ak fans thread) so on and so forth. Will tell more after i give my fingers a bit rest.

But of course :p

The YOT awards are about the forum more than the game. I like the idea of adding and changing the categories each year, so 'best player' can stay (in which case, we SURELY need 'best combo' too, right?), so long as most of us agree. The categories last time, were things like, 'Most loveable', 'Best fan art', 'Most Active' and 'Most Helpful' (most helpful is going to be hard for me to choose this time though :s). These are based on our activity on YOT, of course. You know, I can't even remember which one I won last time. Probably, 'Most Off Topic Post' hehe, or was it 'Best Fan Fic'? Dunno..

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Here are last year's categories and results (2009).

Best artist- Kogamitsu
Best fanart- SumSamurai, Tenshimitsu and Digimitsu
Best comic- Kogamitsu
Most like Yoshi- Jembru and Kagekiyo
Most obsessed with Yoshi- Tenshimitsu
Best fanfiction- Jembru
Brainiest Member- Tenshimitsu and Grey
Most Helpful- A.K Fan1234
Most lovable- SumSamurai and Pris
Member I'd most like to have a drink with- Yoshimattsu
Best DTPA poster- Sumsamurai
Biggest Soul Calibur fan- Kagekiyo
Funniest poster- Jembru
Most active- yoshimitsu8861

I've no idea how I was placed as 'most like Yoshimitsu'. I laughed at that one. Imagine if that were true?? Hahaha Instead of suicide, Yoshi would have a move that makes him throw a tantrum screaming, 'No fair!! I don't wanna play anymore!!', and Brian's special move, that only works on Yoshi, would be to throw a microwave oven at him (I really hate microwaves, for those of you who don't know).

Anyway, it doesn't look like people are interested in having one in December/January, but I DO hope people will join in for the summer awards in that case! It's not a popularity contest. It's just a little light hearted fun, to encourage people to contribute and keep YOT alive!!

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Jembru... Do what ever you want but plej give me one award for anything. Atleast for being the most inactive member of yot. Plej come on. I will give you pie pie pie.(not 3 pies but one pie but in 3 pieces) ok ?

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Jembru! What did those cute looking micro waves ever did anything to you. *_*

# vijay_kumar_cute :
Jembru! What did those cute looking micro waves ever did anything to you. *_*