Combo glitch when executing it on Jack-6?

I like using the df 4 + 2 + 1 + 3 (sorry, I don't use this notation too much) combo when it's a counter hit. I can execute it on most of the characters except Jack-6. When I perform the counter hit df 4, 2 won't hit, thus I can't perform the combo. I think it's something about his size since I think this has happened to Kuma as well before, but I'm not to sure. Anyone know what's up with this? Thanks ahead. :)

(Just to clarify, the combo I'm talking about is his Sample Combo 2 in his command list)

I apologize if this topic has already been posted before.

Oh was wondering what combo you're referring to and it looks like you're talking about CH wc+d/f+4, ws 2,1,3.

Some characters have different hit boxes. Jack-6 and the bears have short legs so if you notice the while rising 2 doesn't catch their feet. On the plus side their upper body is large so there are some combos that work only on them. If you want to follow up CH wc d/f+4 against those two, then I suggest CH wc d/f+4, sidestep up~d/f+1, 1, f+1+2, b+2, 1. After the counter hit knee cap, you have to quickly sidestep up to go into standing position and catch their feet with a body blow.

Hope that helps.

Wow. I got it, thanks!