Hi there :)

Sup dudes, you can call me gate, im 13 and i liv somewhere :D. when i was 2-3 yearsa old my family played tekken 2 we loved the game but i totally loved yoshimitsu! As i grew older the tekken 2 game eventually broke, so i played tekken games in the arcade, and lemme tell u, im well on my way to becoming a yoshimitsu pro user! i know an ok amount of moves for tekken 5 which helps in 6 because some moves r still there. as you can see, my fav move is the prison gate (where he elbows the dude practically sending him across the battle arena). I hav come across plenty of milestones for a fighter player for one, i mastered a tekken game (5) for the first time with yoshi (there was a big space between me playin wen i was about 11) and i actually made it to the leader board for time attack! (15 minutes) and when i tried tekken 6 for my first time, i kicked but cuz i knew a majority of the moves from the past games :D! well see ya soon yoshi lovers! ciao!

Hi there, Welcome to YOT! :P That's awesome you pretty much licked the game. Did you beat Nancy too? :D

i first thought that you were Pris coz you got "pris" on the name...

i didnt notice that you were a new member, soooo... WELCOME TO YOT!!! ^__^
as whut sum said, looks like you got the like of tekken ever since you were young ^^ cool

Welcome I hope you will learn as much as I did when I joined and good luck with reaching your goal

Yo welcome. Yeah Prison Gate is a pretty awesome move, too bad it can only be done in No Sword Stance now. It used to be a poke killer, like Soul Stealer. Oh how I miss Soul Stealer. Oh well looks like everything good is in NSS.

Have fun with your stay :D

I am a new member of forum. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guys!!!

Welcome to both of you, I think you'll find your time here very informative, it's a good bunch of people here..

sup dudes, welcome to the YOT community ^^