What's your personality type?

Hey Jem (can i call you Jem ?) whats the suitable work for dreamy idealist. XD . I think its the idealist thing in us that makes us choose Yoshi or am i being dreamy again. :p

well mines is an Individualistic Doer,gusse that means im kinda a loner,a lot of the test described me rather well,but i dont read too much into these typ of things
i fell that you are the one that knows how you are and only you can truly value that,well my rants over

I very much agrre with you on that, I knew somehow I were abit different from the rest of my fellow kids early on, not like you don't understand me and your never will kind a way. but more like... I have a very strange point a view and I experince things slightly more black and white.

and today I have been dianosed with asperger syndrome, kinda funny how stuff like that can unnoticed for quite a preiode of time as it aren't visable to the naked eye

I redid mine a few times recently and got Harmony seeking idealist! I'm really confused which group I belong to now. :D

<<<<<< 100% Spontaneous Idealist ^^

Spontaneous Idealists FTW!!!

Analytical Thinker

Mostly true, I use common sense to lead me in life