Yoshimitsu addiction..too much?

Umm...I was thinking put or not to put them here but well atleast i bet this place everyone would enjoy them atleast that one pic. And well I didnt draw them I did gave an idea to my friend who did lines for me and i coloured them so we do pics in team work XD So Credits to her also!! you can find her with this name in Deviantart..Actually here http://dinogomonni.deviantart.com/art/Yoshimitsu-156735447 is link for that one pic but it has no colours so i will add that here too XD
Here is coloured version:

And here is other pic she did to me XD

I just loove her art type<33 Arigato Dino-chan!
Art By: Dino & Nemmy-chan
Oh and my Deviantart name is MetaNemesisDarkrai(ask if you wanna know about my DA name XD)

OMG! I was just on deviantART earlier today and I saw the line work of the first drawing and commented on it! It's awesome!

Nicely done :) Gosh gonna use that freaking photoshop by myself eventually... ;)

I have no idea how to use Photoshop. I actually finished a Yoshimitsu & Xiaoyu picture a few months ago, and I'm having my brother color it with Photoshop. He's amazing with that stuff.

Have you all PAID for your photosjop, huh? ;) hehe
I wonder if some ppl even know the worth of that prog...

Nice funny pics :) Also one of the best Yoshi outfits I think!
Well done!

So, I finally learned how to use Photoshop! (Sort of...)

Now my own Yoshimitsu addiction can be in color! :P

Pizza hat...