Watashi wa Nemmy-chan des

# Aozame32 : Hi Nemmy, I'm Aozame. My buddies on another online forum just call me Aoz or Zame. :P

Anyway, welcome. I hope you like Yoshimitsu as much as I do. ;)

Hi, nice to meet ya! XD And i adore Yoshimitsu i wish someday (maybe this summer?) he could grant me visions of himself so i could do amazing Yoshimitsu cosplay XD too bad i already named my PC and Wii...But i do have PS2 hmm....XD

Added 2 minutes later:

# SumSamurai : We'll make that 4 snake lovers!!! B) WerewolF (My bro) has two corns, and I have a cali king and a sinaloan milksnake. :) We try to determine the sex of corns by the tail.. Although it's not guaranteed, but you can guess by the length from the tip of the tale to the anus. The male has a longer tail than the female... Probably so he can get his leg...I mean, tail over a lot easier! Haha! Um.. I've never heard of sexing corns by size... o.O It can't be guaranteed, because I had two corns and they were both fully grown males, both same age but one was larger than the other.

Wow o_O damn that page XD Oh well i wish i had more snakes i'm not afraid of them at all but they do get most of my respect (Yoshimitsu get's most) XD I wish i could get job in those zoo's where is those reptile houses o_o

Hi is always cool to see new ones around here, I know a bit not really the perfect timing but better late than never I hope