Fun Stuff :)

Man I am sold. I seriously want to read this now.

The Soul Stealer

Dude That looks awesome!!! I love comics!

Harry Enfield shorts... Hella funny.. MUST WATCH!

Women Keep your virtue! Lmao the guy who got beats! XD

The Conjugal Rights Guide It's all about the birds and the bees! And maintaining not only a stiff upper lip! XD

Cholmondley Warner a short film about that mr Hitler All i can say is MEH, and I loves the looks of that map a Europe.. It looks like a buncha socks!! :D

ghost rider paying taxes :O_o

Dennis leary - AS#hole

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LMAO Indeed he is an AS#hole. XD My mum likes to drive really slow if there are AS#holes tailgating us.. XD

This kid had a sh3tty xmas... XD

My favourite advert by far.. Mr Gocompare man! He likes to peek through peoples doors and shout into their letter boxes.. Yell in peoples faces.. Hide in wardrobes and flash his strap-ons at the ladies... In this ad he was under the dashboard and then went into the couples bedroom. lol

Well I'll be damned!

(original here:)

God it sounds so annoying, imagine how some Slayer would turn out like in that program. btw you sure like power metal don´t you

# A.K Fan1234 : God it sounds so annoying, imagine how some Slayer would turn out like in that program. btw you sure like power metal don´t you
Not really, no... I'm more into industrial, rock and folk metal.
Doesn't all 8-bit music grind your nerves after first minute or so? ;)

I love this song! I saw them in concert long before their Guitar Hero fame.. Not so good live to be honest, but still an epic composition!

Hehe, to be honest I find the original much more annoying than that funny midi song. ^^
It sounds overloaded :P

But it reminds me of the cool Last Ninja music!! XD
Classic! Though you have to bear more than a minute to enjoy the cool parts.
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Okay, relaaaax, take it easy, and enjoy pure SEXYNEES!! @};-

first, turn on this song and then watch THIS!!

I´m a maaaaaaaaaan!

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OMG... erm... there there Gattsu, we'll get you the help you need. There's surely medication you can try.. if not, then I'll visit you at the mental health ward every month, I promise...

Hahaha, Koga, that's briliant! I prefer not to guess how long it took that guy to compose that song.... ... ... ... .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . very long I think.

Now my turn, I hope it will be new for you:

Sneezing Panda!

Ball trick

Here. Not sure if this is even remotely funny, but I thought I'd share it with you.
The cutest VtMB teamplay

Warning: Looking at this image makes your brain cells explode and disables your ability to ever take me seriously again. You've been warned. B)

rabbit vs snake hands down this must be the most hardcore rabbit ever :O

I haven't ever played fear. Some of you might have but is it really that creepy

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Nightmare !!!

Anyone up for rugby??? Oh I say! Look at size his sword! lmao ;)

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Hey there YOTians!!! I present you with 100% PURE Apple juice....From concentrate! XD

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