Fun Stuff :)

fast food eh?


:D just saw this from my bro...

if ya continued eatin much, maybe this'll happen to ya...



This is kinda cool in a freakish way... I'll never look at a toilet on a plane the same way again... Respect!! Total respect!!!

Toilet Trick

think again

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You thought your morale was low?

Don´t smoke :no

A.K Fan1234 : Don´t smoke :no
In response;
<--- Fag, brb 8)

I didn´t expect it would turn out like that :dozingoff

But smoking does come in handy sometimes:

(Gotta watch that movie again ^^)

Hahaha! And all that was over a taco! - I know it! ;) This is why they invented TACO-BELL!!! :D

Why does this make me smile? :satisfied

wow... ya have lots of fun stuff there!!! especially Sum's! keep em comin! :D (thanks btw! it gives me somethin to do on a boring day...)

well do you know bigdog if don´t have look
and this a parody if it

have fun enjoy them :D

I've got a mouth full of crabs

I've got a big bag of crabs here.. I'm gonna put them in my thouth...

Hebede hemblah&#65279; hem de hee!
Shabadan ban beban oh hoodah!
Hem heruda admindahe!
Emme doo badegee badeguja!
Mefan esnee degame!
Badabeebadaboobadaboomdaboodbe H!

that's how i'll sound with a mouth full of crab!!

*sings* Sum likes to put dead crabs in her mouth... Oh yes... hebada hey boooboo de booopppp That's how i sound with a mouth full of crab...:love

Hahaha I just love how the body is being thrown around by this hideous turky looking 'crab'. XD

Effing EPIC! Catchy tune too. :)

well this is a wikipedia parody, so everything that you will find is Bull"#"¤ :D still fun though

a good compilation of funny stuff

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Stoned on the job! Hahhahahahaha