Fun Stuff :)

Yatta is so awesome^^
And you can watch other episodes. Hard Gay rulez xDD
Cilit Bang my new favourite song xDD
Never had time to watch Lion King? Now you can do it in one minute xDD

It´s time for some hardcore fun stuff :P
I had to rofl so hard :D

O_O! Now I know why some guys wear Diesel! :p

I can't embed ytube for some reason... But hey, look at last 3 letters on link! Who does it remind you of? ;)

Cool stuff. I never thought I could be shocked by the Japanese. Thought I'd seen it all but Sakujo, that Hard Gay vid made me laugh so hard as well as make me kinda stunned. They've come so far from Edo haven't they? lol

Anyway, on the subject, I thought I had to share this series with you all. I mean, what self-respecting Yoshimitsu fan wouldn't want to be armed and ready with some basic Japanese phrases in case they ever happen to meet Yoshi on the street?

Imagine, having to let him walk on by because you don't understand him? Not a problem now thanks to Jembru!

I've chosen part B just because part A doesn't actually teach you anything.


EDIT: How could I forget to share this with you too!

Now at least you can ask Yoshi 'Who?' 'What?' 'Where?' 'Why?' and most importantly, if he likes you!


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Oh my god, that woman is sooo slow !!
Can´t take her slowlyness -.-

Now I have a new catchy tune! Thanks Jemma:p

I can't embed youtube videos anymore!!! O_O...


Go on, call me a nerd. I dare you. :O_o

8-bit Nintendo gone 3D! O_o'

More amazing than fun. Super mario game hack that has been made nearly impossible to play. And some amazing person with thumbs and nerves of steel plays it through. Sheer awesomeness.

Only peeps who've played super mario on snes will understand how hard this is.

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Played Tekken against a friend of mine some time ago.

She lost, and her explanation is:

LOL! I have a funny face photo of me somewhere (I'll scan when I find) from when Fastlegs and I went to Thorpe park. We dared each other to go on the rides that scared us individually most. Being a crazed adrenaline junkie, I could go on every ride in the park, except one - Which I have refused to go on for many years... Stealth. (I seem to remember the ride stopping at the top of the arch to build suspense). A dare is a dare. X_X

anyways, here's my fun stuff.

LOL all these dead Tammagotchi (Never let your pets' look after your pets'. X)

I've tried thinking of a caption for this LOL cat. Anyone got any ideas ?

Ahh.... A fine delicacy! :) A little joke treat I bought in Newcastle when visiting Jembru. I bought it in the shop that charged me 3.50 to get into this cathedral ruins. Threee pounds and fifty pence I tell ya!!!! We joked about the price all day - coming up with solutions to how they spend our money. - on a ruins that's rightfully belongs to the public. And came up with the phrase 'MILK IT!!!!' Meaning we'd max time and fun on the smallest detail. X)

We even sat on WW1 cannons! They make a fine bench. ...A little slippery though. :D

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I was surfing around for a gift for my friend's baby and found this.

LBP Dolls

They looks so awesome. I want a Yoshi sackboy lol

i know that that is a yoshi site but i read something really weird about Alex/Roger that Armor king taught them wrestling?. And thought that Yoshi was the only one to do something as ramdom as rock scissor papir (Alex/Roger Tekken tag ending). (don´t really believe it but would be funny if it was)

Tales of mere existence

great vids ^^

check out his other vids as well ;)

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