Fun Stuff :)

Here are some of my personal favorite youtube vids, funny and cute.:satisfied

Technological Threat. 1980's cartoon.

Talking cats. very cute!.

Another talking cat

Japanese fanta adverts. very funny!

When lunch time squirrels attack...

I hope that's a blunt katana...

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Singing captain Jean-Luc Picard, U.S.S. Enterprise:
Er... no, I'm not a fan of Star Trek. I prefer the foolish captain James B. Pirk of C.P.P. Kickstart from Star Wreck any day :)

Huh? What do you mean, no longer available? I'm watching it this very moment:

I was lol at picard dance and his face at 1:40 when he woke up next to another man.:D Good find!:yes

Yeah I prefer the old star trek to. They should have another Vulcan like Spock in upcoming series. I just miss how random he was.:dozingoff

EDIT: Hahaha Star Wreck is my humour! Chaos!:D

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SumSamurai : Yeah I prefer the old star trek to.
No-no-no. Star Wreck. Star Wreck! :D
As in this:
Slight warning on the language, though... :p Shouldn't be too bad, after all, not many Finns here :D

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Some fun videos...^^

You MUST watch it!
Heavy Metal parody! xD

Alien punks a guy(japaneese):

Alien vs. Predator in poker and shower xD:


Jin vs. Granny Tekken style xD:

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I can only think of one thing that is fun right now, having one of the best club songs on YOT.


Photobucket by Odinx-33

I'd vote for him! :D

Hehe ! The squirrel is hilarious!! And sing'n Picard too!!
Here, check this out: How to poop/Japanese toilet training:

It's soo funny :D

Edit: Part II:

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Aaahahhaahaha!! That was craazy! Old ppl are so funny when doing such things!

another funny old lady

I love watching all of these vids! Ha ha. And I'm kinda spooked because SumSamurai watches the same stuff as me. I love those fanta adds (there was a new one out when I was there in April but I can't remember what it was:(:()

But how can you miss out the best talking cat in the univers? The 'hello hello. I'm all alone, I'm on my own.' cat?

lol x

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I might as well throw a few of my favorites in as well.
A man doesn't quite get what he expected out of his tetris.
A Jill Sandwich
Street Fighter music video
Buff Mikhail Gorbachev kicks the asses of many stalin zombies

Loved the tetris vid! Totally wrong. XD

Yes Jem I love Japanese humor! ^_^ But wouldn't it be freaky if we both had same fav fanta clips.  Mine are: Mr Dragon and Mr Shogun. :) I do love hello hello cat, but cuteness is no match for Christian the lion. He's the most huggable moggy around! :love

Please, read this vids subtitles. His story is so heart-warming that I cried. :)

Oh, and I replaced the link to technological threat as it was dead. Pointless really as I posted it ages ago, but heck! For the new ppl because they're looking!:)

SumSamurai :
Yes Jem I love Japanese humor! ^_^ But wouldn't it be freaky if we both had same fav fanta clips.  Mine are: Mr Dragon and Mr Shogun. :)

Oh, so close, Shogun-sensei and kurohige-sensei (Mr. Blackbeard) are my favourites .

I really love the 'Yatta' video by Green Leaves -they're a bunch of comedians from a Japanese show called Warau Inu (laughing dog). It's generally making fun of the Japanese recession (which my own country seems to be heading towards too :dontgetit)a and it always cheers be up when I'm feeling down. It's just a real 'feel good' song.


There are slightly better quality versions but I thought you'd appreciate the English subs.