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That was so funny

well I know the 80's rule but what about the 90's.

this song comes on everytime we have a calbrate on at bingo, in other words, I stay out late me and some of the other bingo members inculding stuff have drinks listen to some music and then it is our turn to rule the stage with Karaoke, I must come on about 3-4 times mainly because, I got nothing better to do and the staff dare me to sing with the others.

anyway here is the song.

God bless them, funny to me :D

got a new song for you guys, my mate from South Africa got me into it.

This Video is just WOW!

Jay Chou- Fearless

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I saw a hilarious one yesterday, but it's Dutch so I'll spare you the trouble of posting it. It was about a hacker who had broken in the autocue of a national news show. First he made the text scroll very fast, which made one of the presenters talk very fast. And after that he changed the text. Making up stuff like, Max Cornelisse (the hacker) won the nobleprize for piece, but he can't pick it up, because he has a date with "Lieke ;)" (with the smilie said in words :D). Then the other presenter kinda flips.

Too bad it was a hoax to convice people to study ICT (making computer programs).

ok I was surffing around on youtube and well sometimes things happen by acciedent, as most of you are aware I have been doing parkour for about a few months now and well I just saw a Video of Forest and Dan our best Parkour specilts doing Parkour in my hometown of Earlsfield and I got told last weekend I'm the lucky one because Earlsfield is the home of Parkour.

So here is the video for your viewing

Copyright of parkour generations

damm I forgot I took this one off

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Funny animal video. It's old, but I still laugh at it. :D


Everything was there, except for one thing my pet bird Joey:D

Not seen nothing funny as of late so no video from me.

A Magician at work with his magic with hamburgers and coffee

Seriously I still reckon it is CG or something along the lines of that xD

A video of 10-11 year old kids doing parkour in Finland. OMG!

This is a song by a Finnish melodic metal band called Viikate. The song's name, "Ah, Ahtaita Aikoja" translates as "Ah, the Cramped Times". I love this band and their songs, they're very poetical and philosophical, but they always make their music videos very random, filled with everything rather... comical.

Without further ado, here is Viikate: Ah, Ahtaita Aikoja

Lol Cowboys and Indians

Human tetris!

For those looking for cuteness mixed with music.

reminds me of a certain annoying thing called Crazy Frog:D