Fun Stuff :)

Undertaker's best WWE matches

Hell in a cell Undertaker vs Mankind

Sorry forgot to post the thrid part.

More to come later.

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gosh, this is goooood

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that robot Dance was tick

more Undetaker Matches

Stone Cold vs Undertaker Burried Alive

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she will not be walking for a while.:D

gosh, i just love when someone full of self-confidence, FALLS!!!
Yea, great vid

ok Undertaker is comin Back in September and the mind Games have begun

here is the link

+ song of this video:

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Speaking of cages this is what two men do for a women beat the hell out of each other in a cage.

Edge Vs Matt Hardy ( winner gets Lita ) (Part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

ouch, poor lita :|

What do you mean poor lita, she has had worst done to her

prantel Guidence is advised :D

And if you thought THAT laughter was offit...

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OMG, that was funny.

Lady go and join circus.
As for the man called doug, don't give the school kids a headache.


got a video for anyone who want's to do a sick day on monday

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an awesome game where you draw a line (track), and then watch the bobsleigh rider ride it! there is no object to the game, so it's pure simple fun. you can get the rider into some funny situations too!
not too sure if you've seen this before.
a 'scientist' named david dickson (i think) sticks practitcly ANYTHING in a blender and presses the on button!
best videos are the ipod and iphone. the blended ipod and iphone was put on ebay and sold for about ?400 each!
don't try it at home! (unless you watch the 'safe for home' videos.)
Dad's home. awesome flash! i can't really describe it, so just watch and enjoy!
liked dad's home? this the sequel. this time, dad's at work! more of what you loved!
a men's room monolouge. do not watch if you are female!

i'm out of ideas for now.

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The 80's disco is always pure hilarity, but I'm rather enchanted by this song... me and my friends sing it all the time in the Karaoke, though in Finnish we sing of Volga, not of Moscow.

This guy is an awesome ventriloquist! :yes