Fun Stuff :)

I think it was, "Don't mess with Dr. B.," but don't quote me on that.


point made.

anyway this is to go with my new picture and signture.

best WWE match, I could watch this all day.

YouTube: Summoner Geeks
- Not sure this'll fall into my taste, but, heck - give it a try! :)

I dare ya!


man nice vid, arguing just over a game lol

Haha, yeah! I just love it. Especially the guy with the armor and helmet - don't know why, he just cracks me up.
- I guess it's one of those things which is so extremely stupid that it becomes funny.

"Then how come you had to cast magic missile?"


new video people in the UK might have heard about the idiot who went skiing down the esclators in the tube (Metro) Station.

I think it's funny even if the law dosn't like it.:D

Hey huys, I just found a crazy vid. Even though it had nothing to do with yoshi, it cracks me up! lol

how can you take the mick out of the legend that is Michel Jackson,

anyway since we are on the subject of songs and this weekend is the EUROVISION song contest. I think I will play our UK entry. good luck to all the countires for tommrow night.

What was that? :dozingoff :con

Music Vids
Here's another funny music video. Sahkira: Hips don't lie.

Warning: Showcasing of firearms and grotesquely obese man. lol

TV ads
Trumpet ad, How far away from the beach do togs become undies?

Lift ad, watch and see

Here's another one. I won't tell you details, but I will advise you to fullscreen it and watch as closely as your eyes can manage. Enjoy!

Here's a good one! These are scenes from a funny play called "Laughing Samoans: A samoan wedding". Honestly, this cracked me up!

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ok that First Video really made my head laugth like there was no tommorrow.

I saw these videos yesterday.

the first one is well something that begins with S and if I go on anymore I will have un-wanted vistors tonight.

the seconed is Monty pythom again, but this time Taking the mick out of Star Wars.

Edit from last night:

this next Video is my Favorite snog and is also my theame snog where ever I go:

it is my Favorite Girl russain band nuf said:

Enjoy my Yoshi Friends

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I've got somethin, that's not about Yoshi, but still funny:

Nice vids

the baby one I liked the best all that just for some TLC:D

this is great! :p

i dont believe it hurts a lot :D
peace, boys :D

and some more:

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those Japanense game shows was too much.

I should have been canned 100 times by now because I can't stop laugthing.:D

here's somemore Japanse game shows, on the line of a game loved when Game boy's was propler

Human Tetris

here's another one I found, please don't try this at home in your public Libury:D

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Pretty popular video... I hope this hasn't been posted before, anyway, enjoy :D

Like Steven Seagal? He's the man.