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Staying up late to watch Comic Relief and there was the most awesome song on. I googled the dudes doing it and found them. I MUST share this at once. You can surely not tell me, that this is not epic.

Sorry, can't remember how to do a youtube link

here we go~

oh yeah. I see what I was doing wrong ^^ Thanks angelboy. well, the new one from comic relief last night is alreadyy online so here.. a few different songs mixed in here.

I could listen to this all night!!!

wait what?

Love it :))

lol, it's dutch!!

Cat VS insect.. What a pussy XD

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And on my way home....

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ahhahaa! gotta love the license late!


I want to be the first to say, 'that is hilarious Sum!!' Great find, seriously, 10/10 no wait, 9/10, only because yoshi isn't in it ^^

WTF did I just watch o.O and why did heihachi kick raven's ass, I kinda feel sorry for him =(

LOL, good find Sumsamurai!