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# SumSamurai :

lol, so kind of you to share our weirdness with the rest of the world. We should be banned from MSN.. BANNED... for the good of all humanity...

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Hehe Kinnda funny... I'm new around here, so I dunno what to post.. xD

A friend of mine recently educated me about this movie. Doesn't seem to be too well known in England and yet the rest of Europe seems to know it. Maybe it was considered too messed up for the sensitive British people? Really dunno... anyway, the movie is called 'Terkel in Trouble' and for those who don't know it, this is my favourite song. If you have never been in love and wonder what it feels like, I think this illustrates it perfectly, yeah..feels a lot like THIS... (listen to the lyrics too, I think they really add to the effect ^^)

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Oh and Manji leader... really, just post anything you find 'fun' here.. vids, pics, websites, really, anything goes. Well, so long as it's not vulgar. Welcome to the madness!!


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Is orginal a denish movie it is one of those you just got to see but didn´t even knew that it was made in english too what a nice supprice :D

Yeah... I totally forgot to mention it was Danish... sorry!! awesome stuff. They dubbed the songs so well into English!

No big deal really but it seemed like one of those litte nice details thats nice to know

No but.. it IS important! It's bloomin' awesome. I dunno exactly how well-known it is outside Denmark, but my friend who showed me it is German and he was shocked that I had never heard of it. Then I looked on youtube and is is available in loads of different languages. This movie rocks... well done Denmark!!!

this goes out to of death note fan or people who found randomess hilarious either way its great :))

Haha.. Death Note rocks!! Actually, I am wondering if anyone has seen the live action movie they made? It looks okay but I am always a little worried these things will suck (still haven't seen the Tekken movie). My local library has a copy so I checked it on youtube.. L looks perfect, and Ryuk.. dude.. how about I show you what I mean?..

so.. is this gonna be crap or worth watching?

ryuk looks completly like in the in anime and seems kinda wrong :/ i hope Lawliet is gonna just as awesome like in the anime


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YOu're a boring lot... Why do i always seem to be the last to post here?

Anyways, meet my family!

This is so funny... My mum and bro fighting in Toys R us. They were having so much fun until this jealous a##hole butted in. :D

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OMG Cai is looking so grown up!!! I can't believe it has been sooo long since I last saw him!! Damn!! I need to head South again asap!!

If so, we both need to save up big and work out what we'll do... But i tell ya something.. I craving sushi big time! I'm a gonna buy a massive platter and eat till i can't eat any more... That's how much I want sushi!

Cute puppy watching tv! :D I used to have a cat like this. When watching a nature program about birds, and they flew off the screen, she'd hit the side of the T.V. lol :)

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LINE PIECE!!!! lol funny :p

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Damned cute Sum!!!

Are you ready to see my home town?? This is what we geordies do in Newcastle when we're bored. Hell, it beats the internet at least ^^.

This was not long after I came back. Awww.. home sweet home.

Soooo hope they do it again next year!!! Grrr Arggghhhh...

woa awesome jem!
I guess everyone loves zombies in Newcastle like you do