Fun Stuff :)

The Mario Paint one is epic win. Respect to anyone who can compose good music in Mario Paint.

Greatest freak out ever... - His mum deleted his WoW account. I love the catchy tune! ^_^

and they say TV is bad for you XD

Viikate: Viina, Terva & Hauta (Booze, Tar and Grave)

this is freaking awesome in so many ways, the hellbilly guitar sound, the amish look alike scooter gang with the most bad looking girl ever eating sausage in all the scenes, a retard that is drinking gasoline, not mention the faces of doom and the song sounds okay too XD

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A.K.F., they're supposed to become old-fashioned, traditional Finnish Deans once they enter Kouvostoliitto (a pun for 'Neuvostoliitto' - Finnish for Soviet Union). The video is a tribute to an old Finnish comedy/tragedy TV series "Tankki Täyteen", where one of the main characters is a Dean that drives a moped just like ones on that music video. One of the most well-known scenes in the series is when the Dean hitches a ride across a lake with his moped, but the boat gets stuck and they have to leave the Dean on a shallow rock to wait for someone to pick him up. That's what the end scene of the music video refers to:
Dean: "Let us do like this; I'll step on this rock here, and then Reinikainen and Vilén hand my moped over to me so we can free the boat."
Reinikainen: "Alright. And as I said, a grapnel will lift you up. We've got a grapnel at the (police) station that'll lift both a man and a moped."
Vilén: "Careful, now."
Reinikainen: "Hey, hey, hey. Take the oars!"
Vilén: "This didn't come with oars."
Reinikainen: "Hmm. Perhaps we should go ask Mäkinen if he'd sell a cheap pair?"
Vilén: "Just give me a minute, I'll try to start up the engine once more."
Reinikainen: "No worries, Dean - Noutaja (= a retriever, also, the Grim Reaper) is on its way!

Oh that was why the sign was focused on, I must say thats a proper way of going it to details , explanation textual and a video with translation what more and you ask for well techinally you could be anything cause I don´t have a clue in finnish

A.K.F ? I will remember that one XD

Lol Koga.. Hopefully Mäkinen will Sell cheap brains too!

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Typical English seafront. When you're tripping ya knackers off !!!

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# SumSamurai : Greatest freak out ever... - His mum deleted his WoW account. I love the catchy tune! ^_^

LOL! OMG, I was laughing so hard the whole time!!! XD

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! i cant stop laughing at the Greatest Freakout... just watched it a while ago :))

i remembered this from that video:

Charlie Bit Me Autotune Remix

LOL! "Charlie bit me!" That's so funny!

The lyrics... razor-sharp, diamond-clear! I love it. Fits perfectly in my current state of life :D

Oh, the poor irony meter... :P

Lordi: Hate at First Sight

Happy mid-summer, everyone! :)


I hate those kinds of chairs, too...

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# SumSamurai :
Typical English seafront. When you're tripping ya knackers off !!!

That vid is awesome I had to watch it a few times. I've watched all his stuff now (some of it's possibly a little too sick for a public forum). So surreal and kinda reminds me of when I first saw Salad Fingers. ^^

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Ever wonder what a migraine feels like?

Not fun, really. Just suffered through another seizure. :(

Damn you, heat wave!