Fun Stuff :)

I recently surfed the net to have fun, and here's what I found: - LOL, great vision of the end of the world... Haha, be sure to replay a couple of times :) - I somehow love this :D hehe.

See also other things on this site. :)

Those videos are awsome tenshi good find

I've seen those, they're funny. :) <- a great fun site, I visit it often, many pictures and funny pages to discover!

This is a good topic , i will share with u this what I have found long time a go ha ha ha ha

:D tomorrow i'll se it.. now i'm tired

Check this out :)

Koga, you'll especially like it :)


yeah, I knew that :)

I'm not touching ebaumsworld.

Hey! I found this cool little clip of tekken. It's actually got real people doing the fighting! It's just like tekken with the life bar, the sound effects and the moves and even the replays! It's pretty cool. Here the link.

Check it out,it's pretty funny.

Note: It doesn't get good until half way through, so if your impatient with the prologue than you'll get bored but the fight scene is cool!


unless that was ment to be christie's special at the same time,


EDIT: tenshi no wonder koga could not stop laughting

that last bit cracked me up

anyway yoshi and bryan both got it wrong:no

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Every Yoshimitsu and V for Vendetta fans out there! :yes

good video koga:)

got one of my own

tekken music video

music: crack addict limp bizkit

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wow...just wow...:



what was the point of that video, if you don't mind me asking?