Lulzy art

I made this drawing some time ago, I think the Yoshimitsu gun is lol cow which is in prime condition to be milked.

Haha, this is veery nice! Did you consider adding it to the fan art gallery?

How do I do that?

1. Go to your file space (link at the very top: "My files")
2. Create a folder (in the middle), write a folder name, description, select "public" and "gallery" and select the Fan Art main Gallery Category.
3. Upload files through the form (don't forget to select the folder you have just created.
4. Done! :)

This is sweet, I laughed when I read it.. I like Yoshi's grin at the end..

Hmm... I wonder what are the contents of yoshi's gun. Bryan looks like he's being perfumed! And I love yoshi's cheesy grin at the bottom. XD

Troll face on Yoshimitsu. Now I've seen everything.

Nice idea, though. :) Gets the point across.

OK ? a... Yoshimitsu with .. a laser gun...