Hey all, this is amphreded. Some of you might know me from tekkenzaibatsu as a frequent poster in the Yoshi board over there. Hoping to know all of you.
Nice site here KYG. What's your username here anyway? KYG? Tenshi?

I guess a bit about myself:
I've been playing Tekken extensively since 5.0. My main was Anna back then, and now my main is Yoshi since 6.0.
Characters I play, in order of what I think is my strength:

Currently I live in Thailand but will be moving to China soon for study and work. I'm a freelance designer. I am born in Bangkok, Thailand, and studied in Michigan (U.S.) for my bachelor degree in music. That should be enough for now, any more it would seem like I try to matchmake myself. My real name is Wut, so I'm fine if anyone wants to type less for that.

Hello! It's nice to meet you. I'm Aozame. It's nice to see another Yoshimitsu fan.

Hi Amphreded :)

Make this place your home. I'm KYG, but Tenshimitsu is my usual nickname. Kazu-Yoshi-girl is a very old one, I wanted to change it somehow in TZ, but it's not allowed.

Welcome Wut! I'm Matt, it's cool to see you here, considering I have already learned loads from your posts on TZ, and can't wait to see what some of the best yoshi minds around can come up with together!! It's really cool you have seen so much of the world, I would love to travel around more!!

Amphreded, just in case you didn't notice, the text links at the very top inform you whether you have a Private Message or not :P Let's get started. :)


Ao, thanks for the warm welcome man.
Matt, good to meet you too. Travelling is good and all, but adapting to new environment can be hard. Once I'll settle down in China (going there on this tuesday) I'll be discussing strats in manjikai more. Right now, super busy, but looking forward just chilling down with internet talking with all of you.
Tenshi, thanks again for the warm welcome and invite. Got your PM alright
Nice site you've got here ;)

Hey! Welcome to YOT! All the best in China. Hope you like it there. Anywhere in the world is home when you're a YOT member -you can take us anywhere with you :D

This is by far the friendliest forum I have ever had the pleasure of belonging to. I hope you have as much fun here as I have!



Thank you for the warm welcome!

Wut´s up? ;)
I´m late, I know.
Welcome, have lots of fun and so on...^^"