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Uploaded a few more vids. Edited first post. Been working a lot on my movement mostly and I felt like it paid off at this session. It's not the most amazing thing compared to how other players move out there but thought it's a good start. I think I know enough combos so I gotta work on fundamentals.

Also here's a sample of my Xiaoyu/Yoshi team. My Xiao still sucks but at least I can do stuff lol

Looking great dude =) I loved the blocked ss+1 into backdash and then getting a solid whiff punish, those things looks awesome when done right. Xiaoyu is perhaps very good idea for you to focus on, since you don't have that many tool and tricks to relie on, so you are bound to become more strict on basics. maybe you should learn another character just for sake of testing that theory.

 I'm not really sure but it seems like you are qcb,b,b~qcb instead of crouch dash backwards, are you shoto player in 2d games?  

Uploaded a recent session I had with a friend on my channel.

Julia/Ganru vs. Xiaoyu/Yoshi
Xiaoyu/Yoshi vs. Roger/Bruce Part 1
Xiaoyu/Yoshi vs. Roger/Bruce Part 2
Xiaoyu/Yoshi vs. Roger/Bruce Part 3
Xiaoyu/Yoshi vs. Roger/Bruce Part 4

I'll pretty much be sticking to Xiaoyu/Yoshimitsu team from now on and I'll just leave the Manji team on the sideline. I feel like my game has gotten sloppier lately but I'm liking this team a lot. For better or worse, I get a chance to do more random things haha. Watching these vids again, I realize how obvious my game is. The road to becoming a better player never ends. 

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I'm feeling you especially, on the last part you said. I think that I might share the same perpective on this topic as you, even though there's miles of experince and skill levels between us .Tekken and just fighting games in general really, is a never ending learning processes, for better or worse,  when you have the ambition, awareness of the game and want to better taking advantage of it, and creativity for us that play less straightforward characters =)  

Friend of mine dropped by this weekend and had a pretty long Tekken session. I've been watching so much Tekken 7 footage lately so I've been itching to play. Glad to say there's still so much fun to be had with Tag2. Would love to play more til T7 drop and I'll keep uploading match vids when I play them.

Lei/Kazuya vs. Xiaoyu/Yoshi
Lei/Feng vs. Xiaoyu/Yoshi 1
Lei/Feng vs. Xiaoyu/Yoshi 2
Lei/Steve vs. Xiaoyu/Yoshi

....will upload more later.

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Got to join a local T7 tournament last Friday and one of my matches got uploaded. Hoping to join more weeklys in the future.

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Those match was hella nerve wrecking to watch due some odd inputs especially you fail sword sweep dick jab punish XD. I've seen you land a few comboes on my arse from like more than 7 times zones away so the connection must be really bad. 

Some online ranked this time. Most of my matches online are so close, I really need to tighten my game. Goes to show that I still need a lot of practice.

Those are great fights, nonetheless. You definitely are the master of your craft, Grey. :)

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Hmm, I wonder if there is a complete list of upcoming tournaments online?

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Here are some uploads. I've had some good motivation to go into online player matches lately. There are a bunch more on my channel.

Note: If anyone has any comments, it would be appreciated. I've been rewatching my games and it helps to see mistakes I've made. I see a lot of problems but I feel they're manageable as long as I get to contemplate on them.

Lovely ol' job Grey & Hello Manjikai!