Grey's Tekken Videos

 Put up a bunch of First-to-threes from a small get together with my Tekken buddies. First post edited, check out the channel for other vids.

Very nice, Grey! :) I see a progress since previous fights. I like your Rainbow Drop Tag Crush trap, copied that ;) You gave me some fresh inpiration :)

Some comments:
- Sometimes you're too impatient, but it happens in this game :) when being hit, usually don't try to hit in return. (usually, not always)
- In some Kuni's wall carries, simple d+1 would do as a bound at the wall.
- Try to remember about Tag assist anytime you make a bound move, not only in juggles. Many times it would make you win but instead you went for a TA-less combo.
- Your opponent at the wall and you're Kuni? Hunt for that imba b+2 :) It's a killer, absolute killer. At a proper distance not punishable.
- Some -13 disadvantages went unpunished by Kuni's f+2,3, that would make your opponent think twice.

Very nice overall! I gonna watch some of your fights more, I like your creativity.

 Thanks for the tips!

- I'm very impatient. I often prefer trying to counter rather than just block lol. I know the risks and I don't mind taking the consequences but I should definitely  learn to compose myself and play solid defense.
- Movement needs more polishing too. Thought I could have evaded more moves if I did cleaner backdashes and sidesteps.
- My raw tags and raw tag punishes are off. Need better timing or it'll cost me the matches.
- Need more Kuni experience; I'm still relying on Yoshi to do all the work. I feel like I play her so basic and I'm not utilizing all her useful tools. Need to learn to use d+1, f+2,3, f+3+4 and DUS 3 more often.
- That Rainbow Drop tag crash set-up worked better than I thought. Should have sword swept or maybe crouch cancel fubuki instead though.
- Kuni post bound f+4~f  SET 2 ~ d+3 looks like it has potential for some mix-ups. Will try to experiment with it.
- Need to upgrade Yoshi ch wc+4 pickup from ws2,1,3 to d/f+1.
- ....and a bunch of other things, there're endless tweaks on my game I can point out lol

I'm pretty happy with myself right now. I know I still need a lot of work but I feel like I'm progressing at least. Hopefully with more practice I can play and win games convincingly. Practice makes perfect  :D

I loved that tag crash into flash juggle where you canceled kin for the unblockable it's a shame it whiffed would have been sick if it contact <img abp="728" alt="" src="/images/smilies/rolleyes.png" />
With kuni I noticed that you are excellent at catching raw tags with her dash stance thingy (don't know the name for it) is that why you sometimes tag out while ending the juggle instead for seeking higher damage?

It would have landed but I just happen to be against Wang and he has a tendency to neutralize. The set-up works at the wall pretty well most of the time. Trick is you have to do a quick KIN step to have a little more tracking when the opponent tech rolls.

In general I try to tag out whenever I have any red life to recover. I like to tag into Kuni and do running set-ups but I normally prefer to have Yoshi out. By the time Kuni is out, I noticed a lot of people start switching characters. It works well for my style having Kuni as secondary cause she has some amazing long range catches.

Probably best of Kuni's tag-in catches is her f,f+2, but anyway I prefer to use Yoshi when catching raw tags. Than f,f+4 knee can do wonders, well-executed as f,F~+4 has big,big reach that makes many people go O_O!! I don't really like using f,n,d,d/f+1. Maybe one day :) I'm faster with f,f+4.

My first is Kuni mainly because:
- f+3, 1+2~5 tag throw with Yoshi which is suprising and rarely escaped
- Yoshi's ability to avoid unneccessary damage with sidespins on raw tag (or just flash them if there's enough room :) )
- Kuni works well in initial poking combat, Yoshi's better at opening somebody's guard or finishing off.

But I switch to Yoshi as first when my opponent is too defensive.

Right now I'm trying Roger as tag partner for Yoshi. Damn... he's good. He's not high tier, actually a very low tier, but has everything mitsus lack. And he's better at opening an opponent than Kuni, though a bit more risky. And... Yoshi and Roger like each other, which is really noticable, rage turns on really fast. It's a shame though Yoshi and Roger don't have any special tag stuff or even tag animations :(

Playing Roger is also paradoxically more stressless and fun that playing Kuni. It's probably because of better tracking... he has some good lows, some good mids, some good homings and a lot of damaging throws (and situations to use them). Also, the Yoshi-Roger combo damage is big because of excellent Roger's TA moves. The other way round is a bit weaker. I also don't have any decent wall combos and strategy thought over. By now I suck with Roger... but ... strangely enough, I feel that when I master him, I will have better results than with core mitsu-only team >_>

Anyway, just talking. Of course Kuni is too strong to ditch her, but I will work more on my Roger.

Uploaded a few more vids. Online is the same old story on these ones.

Kuni as lead just doesn't feel right for me. My Yoshi needs a lot of momentum and I need him out as soon as possible to get my offense established. I tried putting Kuni first one time and I kept losing lol. She has good pokes and punishes but she can't break down opponents as good as Yoshi. She's also a great character to space out and keep composure which works really well in the middle-end of the rounds.

I've been wanting to try other teams too. I wanted to try Yoshi/Lei, Yoshi/Raven and Yoshi/Alisa but I felt like I wasn't playing the other characters too well. Roger never crossed my mind even though they have good allegiance. Better pokes and lows are tempting but I don't think I can play Roger either. I actually picked up Xiaoyu/Miharu lately and I'm having a lot of fun with their shenanigans. I'm still pretty scrubby with them but I eventually want to be able to play a Yoshi/Xiaoyu team. Kuni is still definitely my 2nd best character right now so I doubt I'll be switching teams any time soon.

I think I'll start to play Yoshi more as a lead.
I've noticed that when Yoshi is not a lead, he's often quite rusty, probably because there are fights in which you don't even have to change to Yoshi. I've noticed it in my gameplay, also I've noticed it in another Yoshi player's gameplay.

Usually the lead character is more "accustomed to hardships of fight" (so to speak), and I care only about strong Yoshi :)

MMmmmmm more vids....

Took some time to rewatch my own vids and noticed majority of my uploads are me winning. I don't necessarily care if that's the case though. I just want to upload vids where there's some Yoshi action. With that in mind, I'm more than likely going to upload games where I win. I actually do win most of these games but then again I'm only playing at scrub level. I occasionally find really good players online that kick my ass but I choose not to bother uploading some cause it looks like I didn't do anything I want this to be a Manji showcase. Win or lose however, I'll upload it if it's a good match.

I'm pretty glad I upload these cause now that I look back on some of the older vids, I feel like I've forgotten things that worked and gives me new ideas. One of these days I'll compile all the working ones.

I liked your matches with especially with eric since he was a jack of all trades. Seeing how you dealt with all kinds of chracters was cool and like wise seeing you pull off low parries online even though both of you slipped up some combos.   

Nice fights :)

I use following wall for Yoshi/Kuni:

Kuni b+2 (wall) d+1 TA (Yoshi) f+3,4 (Kuni ASAP, even during Yoshi's f+3,4) f+3+4, d+2,1,2,1+2

Very strong, scary wall. :)


I think about streaming my fights, when funds will be enough I'll buy proper equipment. Is anybody interested in watching them? Time to raise online rank a bit ;)

And also, I've got to finish new version of YOT... and another Tekken project... I need strong will and motivation :D Kind of like that Tekken 5.0 stage, where the crowd was shouting "You can do it!" :D

I know that I would like to see how you play boss for sure. It would be a chance for us europeans to watch some fighting games live, instead of seeing stuff the next day. It might even stir up some activity since streaming is all the rage now so, i'm all thumbs up for it ^^  

And about that Tekken project......... 

# A.K Fan1234 : And about that Tekken project......... 

Yeaaah I know, I know :D
Haha :)

Would love to see you stream :)

I always like watching Yoshi on stream. I've watched Bronson stream with Yoshi before and it was very enjoyable to watch. It would be awesome if you did some commentary because it would be very cool to hear your Yoshi knowledge live.

Thank you :)

By now I'm focused on things I promised a long time ago so these streaming plans will be postponed to summertime (or more), but I really consider it :) I'm rusty in Tekken, I need some more serious training :)