Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection

BigChief : You've probably all heard about it by now, but here's some extra information about the latest Tekken 5 upgrade, in case you didn't catch it.

Some points worth highlighting:
    1. "Eddy Gordo (formerly a 3P outfit for Christie that cost 500,000 credits to buy) is now selectable on his own"
    2. "Kunimitsu is selectable as a 3P outfit for Yoshimitsu (not 100% confirmed)"
    3. "Players making a comeback from Tekken 5 will also have new moves. Yoshimitsu reportedly has a throw where he splits into two, tosses the opponent in the air, and impales his hapless victim."
The new Yoshi throw sounds interesting, can't wait! :D

- Tekken Official has been updated.
- VGO Network has vids of Lili and Dragunov in action.

That sounds all good.

Tenshimitsu : http://media.cheats.ign.com/media/768/768480/vids_1.html

Here, in the intro movie, in the new Yoshi's throw... I have no question, it's the new DGF throw...


I seen them.


Here you can see one Yoshimitsu match movie. He has new punch series: hitting LOW-MID! ^^ It also seems to be safe on block. YEAH.

Hmmm, not bad.
Personally though, it looks very slow, and for all we know, the first hit might be Special Mid. The second hit seemed like a headbutt actually.

Anyway, good find Tenshi. :)

bah... it looks that DJ's EWGF EWGF b,f+2,1,4 causes ground slam... Devil Jin = new Nina in T5.

Yoshi's low mid attack looks like that after Fc d/f+3 ws+4 it will connect. with the length I guessed after the juggle, u can do some tech trap stuff... or mixup outa b+1_d/b+2. I wouldn't throw that move out by itself though... The beginning animation gives out the hint that it is low... unless there is another mixup outa it that is m,m.

Yes, I think so, too.

If only it would be faster, then we could probably use it in our combos :)

Or maybe Namco was afraid of that? :O_o

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I just saw the new move looks cool i like it :) ah and kill the DJ... too cheap to be true...

I mostly heard good reviews about it. I have not really heard anythig negative about it yet.