T6BR Yoshi CMV : The Ultimate Predator Vol 5 - The Anger

some of the combos are repeated with Jaykodo's combos but that happened cause i havent seen his latest releases otherwise i wouldn't put it in my act.


Enjoy !

Nice video man and I feel your pain. As hard and awesome looking these new Yoshi combos are, they're fairly weak compared to what other characters are capable of doing with minimal effort. Almost all the decent follow-ups for Yoshi requires so many factors (timing, distance, character knowledge, etc.). You have to work so much harder just to get shit done with Yoshi nowadays.

All the Yoshi players switched characters here and no one else wants to pick him up. That's never going to happen for me though. Yoshi forever!

yeah is sad too hear that even qdogg stoped playing yoshi due the Tekken 6 changes but as always I wouldn´t count yoshi out yet and that might the the key too master him even this time though I have been trying for so long time, but he just puts a smile on your face like other, as long as they keep that with him I will be with him :D

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They think Yoshimitsu sucked before Tekken 6!!:(( Such retards!!!

Great video!! I always love to see Yoshi combo vids!!