# Jembru : Vijay, it is best that I don't describe my Yoshi dreams. Really!! Yoshi and I have a very, erm 'unique' relationship. Hehehehehe
. Heyyyyy this is not fair....you just poked my curiosity by saying this...now i want to know more than ever... Come on Pls Jembru come on Pls Pls Pls.... I will buy you a cute teddy bear awwww come on... Every girl like nice cute cuddly teddy bear.... :)
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Oh by the way off the record.... The last comment of Jembru is considered as the most smallest comment off Jembru... New personal record... Woohoo...

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I've only dreamt about Yoshi once and it was like a flashcard image of his T3 spaceninja cossy. :( I wish I could make it more.

VJ I already know what Jem dreams about, here's a hint: Enter text for the link here...

Heh! You must be dying to know now! ;)

Ehem... Back on topic. :P

I dreamt last night that I was holiday at Hong Kong shanty town with my mum and brother. We went into this large makeshift building made of metal panels, on the floor there were rags and blankets, on them was stuff for sale like toys, books ect... And generally shanty ghetto style and dirty. I was about to leave as I saw nothing of interest but suddenly I thought of something I liked very much Tamagotchi's!!! So I went back and had a look for them and then I found loads on a rag on the floor. Oh I was so pleased for myself. :P I grabbed a virtual fish, girl, dog and a bunch of miscellaneous ones. A little girl crouched down beside me and seemed interested, but I was greedy and taken them all already hahahaha. no. :( So, after i'd got what i wanted i left, walked into industrial part of the shanty town.. There were massive steam engines and lots of dirt...

Next part of dream: I am in Israel with my brother. There are lots of slopes everywhere, the buildings are all white. We shared a hotel room together but left our stuff outside the door. (I think that was the rules) I was very concerned about it, I peeped out the door and check it. One bag was missing! It had been stolen. Thankfully, according to my brother, it was just a mouse in a used chocolates tin. (Weird, I know) So we were thankful the thief took that one as wasn't worth anything. We now leave the hotel to meet mum outside in the town. She's going to take us to a pizzeria. We went there, had to order our pizza and the queue to get it... When we finally got it, even the ingredients on it looked weird.

Sequel: Now we find ourselves in India. We were walking around in the market, they had some wierd and UNREAL law going on. Rules and punishments for certain crimes were colour coded. There were a lot of door stopper shapes around on the stalls, like red, yellow, green and purple. Apparently stealing from a purple coloured stall meant you'd have a death sentence. I found a really COOOL watch on one of the stalls. It was kinda big, but had mini pixel led's on it and images and words would scroll across the screen and I'd be hypnotised by it. Like, it was sooo awesome, that I'd just stare at it in awe. I put it down to buy it later. I went into the idian hotel with my bro, but there was my ex boyfriend? He looks pretty pissed storming around because the bedroom was missing. Eventually, he found a wall kicked it in and behind it was a door that had been plastered over. I went through it and saw on the other side it was a restaurant and I was standing in the till area. On the shelf in front of me, I see another one of those cool watches, I pick it up and look at it.. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW but I realised the manager of this place is standing right behind me. Opps... So i leave now. XD

The end. ;)

The least destructive dream I've had no? ;)

Added 4 days later:

I dreamt I was in another city. The roads were disorderly, so maybe it was Italy or France? The only thing out of place was this giant eyesore of a statue. It looked like a massive white metal flag, and draped down it was weights on the end of stings.. Must have been at least 300 feet tall and it was pivoting from side to side as if it was waving in the wind. I am near the edge of a city, close to a docking station and sea. There is a market, each are selling crap from the back of a pickup truck. Including me. My truck tilted back and dropping loads of antiques and junk on the floor for people to rummage through. I had two asian/chinese people working for me, watching over and selling items from the stall. I wonder off and do my own thing. I'm walking towards a two story car park. It's dipped below ground level. I look to my right there's an asian lady on the other side of the street. It was strange she was staring at me.. I walked down the stairs to entrance of the car park and there I found a bike on the floor. I felt it was out of place so i got on it and went to park it in the building. Coming towards me from the car park was a group of teenage boys. (There's nothing worse than being a girl, on a bike, and a group of bachelor monkeys come walking towards you!) Thankfully, they walked on passed me. So I road the bike up a hill away from the car park. (Ya... it appears i'm stealing it now lol) I ride towards a busy street of the city, there, i find my mum. :) She's sitting in the passenger seat of a tricycle. I got in the riders seat in try to take her somewhere. This street is so busy, people are getting in the way and the bikes wheels are getting tangled up with the café chairs. I get up and shove the chairs out the way and we move on. I'm back at the market site, I go to my truck of junk and the Chinese guys have sold quite a lot of stuff made a fair amount of money. We part and share the profits. Then I leave to go to my Granddads house. He seemed quiet.. I am like a young 7-10 year old girl again. I soon realise he's living alone and nan is missing. End

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# SumSamurai :
VJ I already know what Jem dreams about, here's a hint: Enter text for the link here...

Heh! You must be dying to know now! ;)

Isn't it Yoshi who dreams about Llamas though?? He's a funny one.

My turn. I can't be bothered to write the whole dream. I dreamed about dragons. That I was a dragon rider and that my ex boyfriend came to stay with me because there was some kind of conflict in my area and the dragon riders were needed to deal with it (we were rare in my dream, so even though we might not like one another, we had to work as a team). Though I didn't want him here at first, by the end of the dream, I actually thought he was a half-decent human being ^^ But there was another guy, also a real person. Who I'd forgotten I had also invited to come and stay with me. He was a stunt dragon rider. Basically, he combined free running with dragon riding, jumping from stuff onto his dragon and then back off again. At one point, I was watching videos of him doing his stunts, on youtube (lol) and thinking he was the most awesome human being in the world. The dream kinda fell into chaos after that. Still, it was damned cool. Not sure I've ever had a dragon dream before. Well, not unless you count my imaginary world, 'Rotokia' as dreaming.

Admittedly all my dreams are weird. But last night I kept having nightmares and was in a trance like state of worry... It was about arguments, death, a 90 degree angle road and leaking sewage. wow..

the most weird dream i´ve ever had began with visiting a pet shop.
i went into it and looked out for the most cute and coolest animal ever which would be my new pet.
i found it..... it was a panda! xD

there was a big cage with a grown up panda in it and i asked the shop man if i can buy it.
he was like "eeeeeerrr, hmmmmmmm, dunno... no you can´t!" and i asked why.
he said "well it´s the last panda we have and we want it for presenting our pet shop. if we get more of them
we will call you for having pandas available."

i said "damn, but i want a panda now isn´t there any chance to sell it to me today?" which was a question i
shouldn´t have asked xD. the shop man said "hmmm... well indeed there is a chance, if you go in there and
make some babys, the panda will be yours...". i answered "whaaat daaa hell are you talking about, i´m not
abusing anything in this shop here!" after disputing a while i decided to make it and went into the cage
of the panda because i wanted to have it as my pet so badly xDDD

standing next to the panda i asked the shop man "hey dude where´s the damn acces?"
he replyed "press the red button..." which made the dream even more weird than it actually was.

i found a red button and pressed it.
stairs came out and an electric door opened at the panda´s back. what followed was a long and weird trip inside the panda which was full of labyrinths, tight paths and lots of riddles which pissed me off xD.

finally i reached kind of a command center which had windows and lots of buttons to press.
as i looked out of the window i saw that i was under water and fishes swam around me wow.
near the window a tamagotchi hung from the board which i started to play immediately.

it was about playing a male panda chasing after a female panda loool. i sucked in this game and couldn´t
reach that damn panda so i stopped playing it. i was frustrated. what the hell i needed to do in that
damn command center to pake the babys plop out of that huge panda?!

at the point of giving up i found a big red button with the headline "babys" over it.
i pressed it and woke up....

normally i can´t remember much of my dreams that clearly but it was sooooo weird that the scenes burned themselves
into my eyes xDDD

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My last night was... unsavoury, to say the least.

I dreamt of Rammstein; a band that has been an important support for me for quite some time. They were standing in the middle of a storm, all six, holding on to each other. They used each other as anchors, and were quick to hold out their hands if one of them were about to get blown away by the wind. I remember Kruspe holding on to Lindemann very hard; he said something to him, but I couldn't hear because of the wind.

This morning, I read in the news that a storm had hit Australia. And... Rammstein is currently touring in Australia.

I'm going to give up sleeping soon. Or perhaps one of you could borrow me your Tekken dreams?

I'll bite, even though they're sappy.

Most dreams I have are about my ex gf -- someone I dated ~2 years ago. I've been trying to get this chick out of my head since the breakup to no avail. My dreams tend to be the opposite of what you would think ... for example: Last night I was in a completely random neighborhood outdoors (nothing familliar, yet somehow I knew I was in the ex's neighborhood). I was supposed to go into some house but can't remember why... upon entering I see a stairwell leading to a door, which I know leads to the ex gf.

So what do I do? Bolt the opposite direction. I hopped into my car and just hit the highway at full throttle without looking back. The next thing I know I'm at the pool (think of inception how you jump from spot to spot without conscious reason). I'm hanging out with friends and feel someone put their arms around me from behind. Lo and behold it's my ex. I push her away and bolt the opposite direction once again. This basically continues till I wake up and happens often.

It sucks ass.

I had a dream about my deceased great grandmother. We were at hers and grandads house and their daughter (my nan) was taking over! Changing everything... Me and great nan were escaping with someone else (a cat maybe?) we got to the end of the garden and jumped over the fence. I was gonna help her, but she was already there. I really dunno how she managed it. There was a deserted church ahead of us. The beams of the tower were all rotten and falling in on themselves.. Nan loved this place and wanted to go there. So I turned her into a dove so she could go, but she told me she couldn't fly. Then "abracadabra" I turned her into a kitten and that's all i can remember. Next thing I know she is gone. I search for her.... The trees in her garden have been cut down into bare stumps and used as clothes hauls. I see my great granddad digging. I'm not sure if i was trying to avoid him, but he saw me took his spade and we walked through a massive garden center like greenhouse. This was a massive detour back to the house!!! I'm still concerned for my nan, but i think the dream stopped here. :(

Hi guys... I always wanted to share a dream... But i never remember any dream... Except the one i had today... So it goes like this... I was asleep in my sleep(which is kinda weird and funny ^.^)..... Then all of a sudden i was waken up by 2 small children in next to my bed shouting ghost ghosts... I said there is no such thing as ghost and told them to go to sleep... But they showed me a blanket which was flying in the air... I wanted to check it out so i pulled it.. And something was holding it tight..i turned back to see the children ....and they were being sacred by 2 ghostly figures..... They were showing them icecreams but not letting them eat? And that too in scary way... I started praying something and put a cross on it ( just like john constantin) and trying to banish it... Then the demon showed me some numbers and an alphabet written on its chest and said its will not be effected by such things... I could also see that... So i told not to harm the children and agreed to go with them... Then an idea struck to me... Why is this demon interested in me... I should try to extract any thing useful from it and use to destroy it... But as we were driving back near my place i saw some one with a bible ... I thought he was trying to protect me... But is too late... Any how i went along with them and found that there are more demons than i thought would be... And then all of sudden my father came for some help ... I pretended that i didnt see... And he didnt notice me cos i had my head bent... But he came back and saw me doubtfully... And i couldnt help but look at him... He didnt say a word... But went away and the demons were mocking his politeness and kindness... Anyhow he is safe from the demons i thought... Then there was a meeting in demon hall... All of them looked normal but they were demons that too with high position in society... I was talking to my friends (2)

Added 7 minutes later:

2 of them and one is my best friend... And he seemed to be on good's side... So i wanted to tell him i all the secrets i learnt and told him to purify me then all of a sudden a small gal entered into room( which was bathroom) we sent her off but a young girl came back.... I knew it was a demon.. So i distracted her( demon in disguise) in a sexual way and told my friend standing there to banish her... To make him believe i put her hand in some kinda light and here hand was like dirt bubbles(pirates of caribbean) but my friend didnt help... Then i turned to demon and told it to kill my friend... And it didnt.... Then i realised that all demons and may be angels were at truce.... And i am stuck in between... And should avoid disturbing the balance....

Added 2 minutes later:

That was the end of dream.... It had given me lot of thoughts..... I will share later...

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All my dreams are nightmares, I'm not sure why but it's always the same concept, different settings, I always wake up in the middle of the dream... The only nice dream I had was when I had super speed on a beach and I jumped a ramp over the ocean <_<

My most beautiful dream was: I was dreaming about japanese girl, omg that was so beautiful..
My most scariest dream was: I was dreaming about Aliens they wanted to kill me(at the night, in the forest). That was f****** scary.
My most cool dream was: I had two katanas. (it will come true) :P
My most (full of action) dream was: I was running in the woods with my sword in a Ninja suit..

Kai, if you dream mostly nightmares, it means that you don't know yourself that much yet. No worries, once you start to explore what's in your head, the nightmares will vanish.

It's probably the hardest task for a human being: to face oneself. Not everybody is brave enough, because you will be forced to see and accept things you would like to keep hidden and forgotten.

That hidden self screams from depths of yourself, producing nightmares. More or less... that would be it.

So anyways, no worries. :) Just take that first step into the never ending lesson of learning who you are.

That makes so much sense to me you wouldn't believe it, the whole who I'm period bothered me to the max still was mostly the source for my continues nightmares it could be anything, witches screaming with and insane loud voice In my face, seeing my mother get run over by a car, seeing yourself die in a saw styled death trap from a camera view, just to name a few examples and sometimes my dreams weren't blight if you aren't into movies like zombie land but enough about nightmares :(

My dreams are very messy and crazy I can mostly only remember small fragments of them so these one though are at full length.

case 1
I had one when I where was jumping or dancing around in a circle with Kunimitsu at a farm for no reason what so ever but I don't care because, I enjoyed watch my one of my beloved Tekken characters.

case 2
In this I was looking up from a coffing made of glass, people were standing above over me, looking down on me or maybe it was that coffin they looked at instead I don't know for sure. I'm sure though that I'm dead because they were crying or maybe they crying because they were standing at the wrong place because couldn't recall there faces :))

case 3
this one is very very very weird.

I'm looking at a guy on a building about to drop off and when he hits the ground a small smoking screen comes up, and quickly afterwards you can see a packet of minced meat what looks to beef but as the camera is moving closer you can see that where is a picture of that guy that jumped down where he a was stupid looking smile and there is little bio about him and there is even little details about his weight, height blood type and then suddenly many people just fall down and the same happens to them.

Thanks Tenshi :)

Although I do wonder... What makes it a dream? And what makes it a nightmare?

As I get older, I find it harder and harder to truly distinguish the difference between dreams and nightmares. It was easy when I was a kid. If I had a dream that was scary, with witches or monsters, then it was a nightmare. But now that I'm an adult, my dreams are all complex. There may be something going on in them that's suppose to be scary, but I never feel it. And sometimes things are just really bizarre- neither scary nor comforting, but just weird.

Like, the other day, I had a dream that I was a part of a group of soldiers who were sent to an island to figure out what happened to all the inhabitants. It turns out they all died from a highly contagious virus of some sort. It was like Ebola Zaire or something. :P Anyway, I remember talking to this woman and she suddenly started backing away from me and her face went white with fear. I kind of looked at her and realized that something was wrong, so I sighed and asked, "... I'm dying, aren't I?" She sort of smiled sadly and nodded, and that's when I looked down at my arms. They were purple and swollen, and I could feel it spreading down my chest. I was bleeding out underneath my skin. :(

She then said, "I heard it feels cold. Does it?" and I suddenly felt like my arms were made of ice, so I replied with, "Yeah! It's really cold!" Then things suddenly turned hostile. She became really angry and said, "Close your f****** eyes; you're freaking me out!" I guess blood was coming out of my eyes, so I closed them tightly and kind of curled up on the ground. I honestly felt like I was dying, and all I could think of was how I wanted to see my loved ones one last time.

And then I woke up, took a deep breath of air, and I was alive. :D