Hehe.. I'm just being silly. I'm sure it isn't all men. In fact, it is nice to know that some guys like talking about this stuff too. I'd talk about most things so long as it isn't TV shows like soaps or reality shows!!

LOL! I appreciated your large letters, Jembru! :P

Anyway, I've been having a lot of scary dreams, lately. I mean, they're not the type of nightmares that I had when I was a kid (with monsters and stuff). They're more adult than that, I think. It's more about scary situations, you know?

I can't really remember the details at this point...

Okay, it might not be often that I feel the need to share a dream, but this one was just too amusing not to. I have to write the short version though, because the full version (as hilarious as it is) is too dodgy ^^.

Sometimes, I realise that I am dreaming and then I start to control it a little. It's like having my own virtual reality machine in my mind but it's a bit faulted.

Aaaanyway, this happened last night. Ever since I moved to Germany, I have a recurring dream about travelling between Germany and the UK (in whichever direction, my brain isn't too bothered so long as it can torture me with something going wrong ^^). Anyway, recurring dreams are generally the best trigger for my controlling. If something goes wrong in this 'real' world, I try to fly... I don't mean I jump off a bridge. I just jump forwards. I do this EVERY TIME something goes wrong and this way, I know that if I don't land, I'm dreaming - I promise this works for me!!

So after a bit hovering, I realised I was dreaming and decided to wish myself to Germany and try to have a dream entirely in German (my brain makes up the words I don't really know... did that in Japanese too ^^). At first, everyone kept answering in English and I was getting a little annoyed. Then, I was in a queue to get into a night club and a girl behind me was speaking to her friend in English. I decided to try again and asked her if she was German. Finally, she answered in German and I asked if we could hang out. That was when I started to forget I was dreaming and lost control of the dream...

The girl took my invite as flirting and started to speak to me about how flattered she is and how rare it is to meet such a charming guy.. GUY??? I was like, 'I'm a what now??' As we were paying, I saw my reflection in the glass and.. I WAS a guy.. Being a dream, I just thought, 'Oh yeah.. of course I am..' So I did the right thing and offered to pay her in.

The next thing I knew, she was telling all of her friends that we were a couple. Then I was being threatened 'If you hurt her, I'm not kidding, I'll beat the crap out of you..' from some big scary guy. She introduced me to her PARENTS and they were asking me all these questions about our future plans and even planned when we'll marry; in a few weeks!! Eeeek!! I felt so scared, and trapped... she was even a really nice girl but she smelled funny. I kept trying to hint that maybe she would be happier with someone else but that made her sad and made her big scary friends look bigger and scarier. I was in a state of real panic in the end. All I wanted was a friend to spend the evening with in a night club and now I was trapped... Luckily, my alarm went off. For a few moments, I was expecting her to walk into my bedroom at any second. Then...such a feeling of relief!!!

So... if you're out there... sorry dream girl!!! I never meant to hurt you, you understand, I'm just not the guy you thought I was ^^ Oh and you DO smell a bit!! If I see you again, I promise we can be friends. :p


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WOW! What an interesting dream! :o

Maybe I'll tell you the uncensored version one day.. assuming I remember it.

# Jembru : Maybe I'll tell you the uncensored version one day.. assuming I remember it.

I'm guessing you did MORE and naughtier things with her, besides being introduced with her friends and parents??

# xXAngelBoyXx : I'm guessing you did MORE and naughtier things with her, besides being introduced with her friends and parents??

No no, it was nothing like that. I might have wanted to at first (she was one fine lady!!) but once I realised how smelly she was, I didn't. Really can't say what the dodgy part was.

I had an awesome dream last night. Too bad i'm gradually getting senile. :/ I can't remember my dreams vividly any more. :'(

Right'o, I dreamt I sailed to a black inhabited country... like. Barbados. (They're strict over there right?) So, I was there with the black people, then suddenly I find myself in my grandparents bedroom. My grandad is there, and I'm playing with my duplo bricks. He leaned over towards me and smiled! Everything is as it was when I was a child, I feel very happy! For all my stress and anguish in life I am NOW CONTENT. A moment too good to be true; suddenly I have done something wrong..? I am sent away and flown over to a white populated country in Europe. I get there surrounded by ghetto style apartments. I crossed the road, but apparently I did something wrong again. :( Now i'm am being attacked by swarms of wasps!!!! They're all over me, stinging my arms and getting inside my clothes.. My mum and people gather around me. Someone shouted "give her a knife!", another replied "No! That's illegal!" then the other person replied "Ok, get a rusty one." So my mum handed me the rusty knife and I scraped it along my arms to brush the wasps away. End

The knife thing sounds dodgy, but really my head has misguided its use. You can press a knife against the edge of a bee sting to remove it from the skin. :)

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Does Dreams have meaning in them ? I heard everything in dream has some kinda meaning, I read that somewhere and the only thing that i can remeber about the meaning of dreams is .. if you had a quarrel/ fight in a dream it usually means u are not fighting some one ... but its fact that you have an internal conflict within you...

But most of my dreams have been nothing but the things i wanted the most or the things i feared the most ....it that so ? Please give more info about dreams if u have any....

I think Dreams are a way to look into something we really are and i am having terrible dreams and i want to fix them.

Much Obliged
yours Truly

Hmm.. I don't think anyone has the answer Vijay. Opinions vary from dreams being a window into your hidden feelings, to them being nothing but 'brain fart', just random but meaningless brain activity. Some even believe you can predict the feature in dreams and claim to have seen an event such as an accident or lottery win just before or at the moment it happened. The fact is, there just isn't any proof one way or another. It is an area of much research however, so if you ever have the chance to look into it and form an opinion of your own, it is quite fascinating.

I used to use dreams as a method of self-development. It seemed to work but I think if you pull anything positive out of something, then it can be good. I mean, even if it is meaningless, if someone thinks they are being told, they need a new career, and then they go about improving themselves and get that dream job, then whether the dream was really saying that or not is irrelevant as what matters, is that the person is better off now!!

Thanks for the explanation Jembru. I think i have seen the three kinds of dreams meaning... Some dreams tend to be my desire, some are really ridiculous and finally dejavu kinda dreams. But most of the time my dreams have been my fear for dear ones... Any how has any one dreamed about Yoshimitsu. :D if so Pls share. Pls.

Yes, I HAVE. Several times. One that really sticks in my mind was a dream in which I was in a building at university. I was on about the 6th floor, at the top of the stairs looking out through the glass. In the distance, I saw Yoshi coming towards me. I was so pleased to see him (we're friends in dreamland, Yoshi and I -check out my fanfic if you're curious ^^, just don't blame me for it's crapness and please, forgive the typos!!) and he came to the window. I climed out (how??) and he carried me to the ground. Everyone was cheering and pointing. Really though, that was all that happened ^^

This is exactly why I never wrote about it on YOT.

I had a dream about Yoshi as well, but...
my memory of the dream is fuzzy so I don't remember it well.

Wow nice dream Jembru... Come on angelboy give it a try....try to remember.... Pls... Jembru more dreams of Yoshi are much appreciated..

Vijay, it is best that I don't describe my Yoshi dreams. Really!! Yoshi and I have a very, erm 'unique' relationship. Hehehehehe