That's fantastic! Good for you! :D

Last night I had an unusual dream. My dad was in it and i've never dreamt about him before. Most of it is kinda fuzzy... I'm not quite sure what it means to me yet.

I dreamt that I was in an underwater world and was called in to work as temporary manager at my old job... When I got there, there was only one other employee. I served a customer at the till but as he bought his item I realised the till had summed up the wrong price.. And then noticed I was an old fashioned 1960's cash register, and I was using it back to front! LMAO.. After that, I found myself outside and saw a dolphin. I grab and held onto his tale and he took me somewhere. I was taken to a car repair garage. Here I saw a group of people: My mum, dad, a doctor and nurse. Dad needed some kind of medical treatment. The doctor and nurse was discussing it with him while mum was boasting, being very loud and obnoxious.. I sat next to him and listened to what the doctor and nurse had to say, just so I could understand the illness. He was going to be injected with something but i didn't trust it. I insisted that they gave me the same treatment just to be safe. They poured something green into a spoon for me, I drank it and was fine, so he was treated. I wrapped a dressing around a wound on his hand, and then he told me how proud he was that I grew to be a kind and gentle lady. Then he got up, said goodbye and left... After this, I walked away to another part of the garage and met my grandad. Upon greeting he moans about stuff to me (Just as he does religiously in real life) I said something to him and he laughed. Then he went up to the workshop which is very untidy (like in real life). And he showed me this weird musical instrument that was hanging on the wall. He played me a tune and then gave it to me to fathom out. It was small and violin shaped with steel prongs. With it, was a rusted small speer-like plectrum. As i plucked the prongs, the rust would disperse into the air and until worn away... He then left left to exit the garage. Next scene: I'm now outside with my old chocolate labrador dog Sam (who now belongs to my grandad) we were just running about in the yard until suddenly he tuned into a black bear! And then ran off to climbed the drainpipes at the side of the building to escape the yard. I couldn't allow the dog to run away and be lost, so i magically turned him into a different creature.. (A dolphin) lol So we then just swam around the yard together. The End

Sorry about bad grammer, I kinda rushed this one. I'm glad to have dreamt about dad. He died when i was young and in my dream he answered a question I often think about. What he would think about me now I'm all grown up? Would he be proud of me? ect... And I don't know why I'm dreamt so much about dolphins.. :/

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Hmm.. I won't go into details because I am not sure many people will really give a damn what I dream about but, after arriving in Germany, I had two dreams on subsequent nights, in which I found myself back in the UK for some reason (one was because I had a shift at my old job still and the other... I forget..). In both dreams something would happen to endanger my chances of returning to Germany and in both dreams I was panicking. Well, being the optimistic person I am, I read that as a sign that I truly wish to be here... the pessimistic reading? Oh dear, maybe it was telling me I wont find work and will have to go home to the UK :(

Don't let that happen Yoshimitsu!! PLEASE don't make me go home. :D

Oh, Sumsamurai was in one of those dreams, -I was trying to borrow joss sticks from her to take back to Germany. WEIRD!! But dreaming about YOTians is always cool!




About your dream... When I dream about cetaceans (whales/dolphins/porpoises), I tend to think of them representing the ability to move between levels of consciousness (or spirit worlds if one believes in such things) but only for a very short while. If I am in water (and I often become a kind of swimming thing, only usually a mermaid) I take it as a sign that I have an illusion of freedom but there are still many restrictions upon me. Were they trying to tell you something? That maybe just for a moment you could 'see' into spirit? Just food for thought.

Traditional dream dictionaries (as you know, I don't care much for those) will often tell you that dolphin dreams mean sexual liberation (do they??) or a carefree attitude, free of limitations. But for me this has never been the case. There IS a feeling of optimism, surely, but free? A dolphin may be free within it's habitat (which is free enough) but it can only experience the world beyond that for a short time, it can observe that world, but it is never a part of it. True freedom would be represented by a bird, maybe a gull.. which can experience land, sea and air!!

I often fly in dreams (or struggle to at times when I feel too restricted in my waking life). Last night I flew in my dream (also flew in the dream YOU were in ;)) but I also had a diary, kind of like the 'Death Note' into which I could write ANY fate for myself or another person that I wished, good or bad. So what could THAT mean? 'Dare to wish, dare to believe..' perhaps...

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Sexy dolphins.. B) Thanks for the info Jem!! I felt the dolphin was a messenger showing me the way to new places. I view the dolphin as a watcher, helper and protector. Because in real life, they're nice that way when people are in trouble. :)

Last night I had a dream where I was a student/teacher. The atmousthere of the school was mysticle/magicle. The schools staff room was kinda like a dim underground cave, and the walls were covered in lime-scale. In it were faries, talking blue haired purple bats and lots of floating fluffy white things. The first day of school was meant to be filled like light hearted pranks/jokes. For my joke, I was going to wash a students hair with Tomato ketchup! I told a fellow teacher of my idea, and she said she was a real hairdresser and suggested on giving me a haircut. After she'd cut my hair, I realised she'd pranked me in a very nasty way and toatally ruined my hair. She didn't trim my locks, but just cut a short ring of hair around my crown. (like a monk) it was my worst hair nightmare ever! Because i can't hide it with my hair tied up or let down. She said she did this to me because my idea of prank was mean. END.

I recently got my hair cut at a college. The girl who cut my hair seriously needs to choose a new career path.. No one hairdresser must train for FOUR years (The standard is two) and still not know how trim a fringe!!! Plus, I even told her where to stop, but she continued... My mother had to grab a teachers assistance...

I could have cut my own better blindfolded and backwards... I swear!


A object/planet is crashing into the earth in real time, I see the sky blacked out and eventually it climaxes and i wake up. Had it when i was a kid, quite a common dream about claustrophobia.
Similar one is im in a metal box, and im sinking in the ocean, further down and down, no crushing from pressure just pressure attaking the box and the noises and down more. Cold.

Dream 2:

One was on a planet, doesnt seem like earth. I am in the 'mess hall', i know its a mess hall because people are eating. Anyway there are apparently reinforced see-thru glaslike cages holding animals which appear to be dragons, but all black and no wings. Everyone is sitting down eating. All of a sudden on beats on the glass till it breaks and the 'dragon' escapes and runs about the walls and ceiling. I am crouching with my head hiding in my arms, I peek to my right and its face is an inch from mine snarling, I look back down.

After this its a frenzy of people running about trying to escape through the building and out into what appears to be a trainyard. It is a small spaceship depot with boxes of supplys and machinery in cars similar to one on a train. Everyone runs and finding the only ship has already left they start hiding wherever they can, inside the building again, behind pillars, inside crevaces. I hide under one of the cars, holding tight so I am off the ground. The 'dragons' are now searching the trainyard for people, scurrying about.
My arms ache from holding up my weight, I am the last one left.

One of the 'dragons' is standing before a man trembling on the floor, he tosses a broken piece of wood at the man. Another dragon drags a different captive towards the other and puts a metal rod in his hand taken from one of the machinery cars.
The men are goaded into fighting each other, after being scratched and bitten several times, and eventially one is slain. The process is repeated until there is only one left, whom was tossed into a corner.

After many days hiding in the depot, dropping down to rest from the car only at night, a ship arrives. It scares off the dragons at first, me and the other remaining captive make a run for an alcove below the ship. Upon reaching it a mechanical slide looking contraption falls down from the spaceship now above it, It is a ladder. We climb the ladder, the hatch beneath closes, we sit in a small cylindrical room with a ladder going up, and I wake up.


Hmm Dreams...I dont see much dreams or atleast i dont remember them..but last i remember was that i was just walking in city and i saw somekind of store of kinda much of everything and i decided to take a look whole place seemed like deserted there was none one anywhere but then there came this lady from back and asked that do i like animals and ofcourse i do! and she took me back the store and showed me a cat...but it wasnt just normal cat it was really just robotic kitty! it had fur and everything but still it wasnt real..and best of all it was like 20% off sale! too bad i still didnt have money and she said that maybe i could earn that money in a fight and i was like wtf she took me outside of the store and behind it there was like whole fight ring of people and i had to fight 3 people at same time! but still i managed to win coz my imagination to have one pretty strong spirit in me and i just unleashed it and win the whole thing i got like 500€ for winning i bought the cat and gave it to my mom.

That was it. Does anyone see any point in it?...

After a certain event I kept dreaming that I was crashing into things.. Had them a couple of months ago, so they are kinda vague to me now.

I dreamt I was running through a field at night. The sky the above me is lit by stars. I stopped at great river that reflected the sky and flowed into the sea. There was a breeze, and the long grasses around me started rippling like the waves of the sea. I wanted to cross the river, so I bounded over it and flew up into the sky. I scanned the earth below me, the land is mostly covered by water, and only small pieces of island just about touched the surface. Now I find myself flying towards buildings... I tried to fly over them but the wind that was lifting me became weak, so like a kite I just dropped to the ground. I was trapped between two buildings of an industrial estate... I eased myself out and looked around.. I saw a tractor, lots of concrete and some workmen/builders. I hid from them and sneaked away. I also found a lost kitten and decided to take him with me. ******* Next part of dream. I was flying through the air from out of space and started heading towards earth. I had no control of the speed I was flying/falling... I crashed into and through a building, and then a house... I was continuously crashing though many buildings.. I couldn't stop... Next, I fly into a dome and there is an actor singing. (I think it was Robbin Williams) Perched on all the domes support rods were lots of pigeons... I finally cease flying and come to a halt. End

2nd dream I only remember the last part.

I dreamt my mother was driving up the circular levels of a car park. When she got to the top the car became invisible and she lost control... The car was crashing into and rebounding off everything... I jumped out and watched from a distance.. The funny outline shape of the invisible car bouncing and crashing everywhere.. End

That dream with your father in it, SumSamurai, it was really beautiful!

Last night, I had a dream that was very strange. I won't go into details, but one thing I liked about it is that my husband was in it. We're both separated because of work, so I only get to see him about once a month. Every time we visit each other, it always ends with us going out to eat breakfast together before going back home. In my dream, we were trying to get to a breakfast restaurant. It was nice to see him, even if it was just a dream.

Thanks Aozame :) It was a nice dream to have. Made me feel kinda strange too.. :P

Last nights dream was unusual... I don't recall the first part, but i think YOT members were in it! Anyways, towards the end I bought some fishes, and was moving out of an apartment beside a pub. I put my empty tank and bagged fishes outside. I go through the pub and later return to my fishes. But now they are missing! Somebody took them!!! I was devastated and became angry. I questioned a bar-maid at the counter, I took her outside and showed her where they were, and asked if she knew who took them... I then went on to say "what kind of idiot would steal fish?" And then as I turned around, behind me was a manic looking crazy man... He looked like Kirk Cobain and had a knife! He was the one who took my fishes! And my comment had insulted him. He walked towards me and I back up... He was gonna stab me... But suddenly, his knife turned into a bent key. I laughed and said "BTW, do you know your key is bent?" XD The bar-maid then escorted me to a freezer near to where I had put my tank and fishes.. I look inside and to my disgust I found my tank and fish.. :( They weren't completely frozen... The water looked as if it had been in there for an hour or two... My tropical mollies had died. But my goldfish had lived! Their bodies were stiff.. I look further back and found some gerbils... They had been breeding in the freezer because there were babies... I said "At least they didn't die of any pain.."

Strange eh?

Added 5 days later:

Right... A dream i had this morning has upset me.

Basically it starts inside a house... My snake is shedding her skin inside her viv. I go to pick her up but she's lashing out at me because she's hungry! Awwww...^_^ I take her outside with me, and there's some kinda bootsale going on outside my house! (Why do i always dream about bootsales? Do they represent something curiously messy?) Anyways, the snake is trying to eat my hand, so i go into the house to put her back. Now my mother and grandma are nagging to go out. (At least i think they were) So.. Then I ended up at some hotel/club. The dance hall is all messed up and deserted... Chairs are broken and windows blown in... Dirt all around me like it's been this way for years. I like this kind of decrepit mess. I make my way up to the occupied rooms upstairs.. There is a lounge, some bedrooms and such. I walked through a room i thought was free.. I see a lady cleaning the bathroom, and open a door of a bedroom... I saw a made bed and instantly closed the door. I didn't see anyone in the room, but I think people are using it... So i sneak away.. My grandma then told me to get in the car.. She was gonna take me somewhere else??? After driving through the countryside coming up to the city I told her she was going the wrong way or something like that.. So I got out and walked the rest of the journey. I approach apartment complex, enter it and climbed up the stairs. I stood and looked out the balcony and saw a single pilot plane flying very low, it then started to sway out of control and crashed behind some trees and buildings with a blast and thud. I got my camera and climbed the next set of stairs to film it... As I get a better view, this pilot plane had turned into something a giant 500 people carrier! Then a foreign lady walked up the stairs and entered her apartment.. She invited me in. I asked if I could look out her window for a better view, but couldn't see nothing because some damn tree was in the way. She started eating a Cadbury egg? lol? And gave me one too! She then said, 'If you eat salt after, it will make your tongue bitter.' hmmm... ok

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Wow, that's really vivid!

On the night of my birthday, I had a dream that I killed a bear with the help of my older brother, but then the white man came in helicopters and I tried to fight them, but couldn't. :P

I just had another extreamly random dream.. The most radomised ever!

Right, from what I think I remember, is that I'm standing at side of a road. Looking on at the huge the entrance of some really big place. The floor is a decorative cross-hatched brick design, and in the center is a large circular lawn. Around this place has large 8ft walls, and built into them are a few benches (Kinda like a war remembrance place) The entrance has an arched brick design with a steal name on it. I take a peak into the entrance to see what is so great inside.. First thing i see is a steal framed T-rex in the distance! And it's moving.. But how? (the legs were hidden behind building foundations and rubble... Soon as it moves into the open ground, I see it's attached to a red truck. I realise this is a building site and they are building / or tearing down fancy homes here.. I decide to run towards the t-rex.. It took some time.. It seemed about a mile and half away from me, but before I get even near it I notice a whole row of them parked up! Then i saw the t-rex that i was chasing had attached itself to a house.

I decided to do some work... There are nails in a wall that's attached to the side of a house. I pull them out using the metal end of a re-coiling measuring tape. ( LOL! ) so I stretched out my tape, reached for these nails and tugged at them! :)) Some nails came out, others didn't... I then overheard a crowed of people talking behind me, about how ineffective my 'tool' was. :( So.. I tugged even harder! but then I accidentally made a crack in the malter.. oops! :O That was easy! :/ I push my hand onto the house, it cracked. ..I enjoyed the thrill of vandalism.. So now I kicked the wall, the bricks cracked and slid inwards.. This caused the house to weaken! The side of the house came away from itself falling towards me in one whole, because I was stupid and didn't run, I only take steps backwards, watching in awe what could soon be my death. It crushed my legs under it. It was so heavy, I was stuck. But now because the groud floor wall had fallen, the upstairs walls would have weakened too. *hears some cracking noises* That wall will fall now... I thought this time it's over for me.. With that height, some of the bricks will surely crush my head. But no.. one clean fall as before. it collapses on top of my legs, only this time my face and nostrils get covered in dust... ew.

After that, I remember walking down a hall with someone... I think maybe this is another part of the dream.. This girl is braiding hair on the flanks of her toy pony's ass... long back hair on a pony??? :/ We walk passed the bathroom and I saw a certain coworker of mine crushed under bricks in the bath... I look up, all the airvents are flooding in rainwater.. this building is weakened and will fall down soon... I think there are gales outside.

The end?

Added 66 days later:

I had another weird dream last night. It's not well described or in order since i haven't been remembering my dreams for a long time. :(

I remember it starting out at someones apartment with one watermelon! There were two asian guys, they were looking around in their cupboards for something... They looked upset and angry at me, so I think it had something to do with that melon.

Now i find myself at a dock with a single house boat. It is dark and misty, I couldn't see further than 10 ft. So I sail away from all the problems of earth.. Now I find myself in a shopping mall and something strange has happened. There is mess everywhere! Shops are closing, stuff is being thrown away like rubbish! It's tempting to grab a bag of goodies... But then I see one of my bosses.. She said something to me, like she wanted me to work.. But i'm on holiday/sick leave! Instantly, I make an escape to the toilets! hhahahaha In there I hope she'll forget about me. Suddenly i noticed in the cubical somebody had left some stuff.. A pair of size 20 jeans hanging on the flow pipe and two right footed wellington boots. Strange...

I find myself sailing on the boat towards 'home' again.. I arrive at the misty bay and dock the boat. I walk along the damp pier towards the dull misty nothingness... And then I'm back at the asians house; they're eating dried watermelon. (Stage, I've never seen or eaten a dried up watermelon) Apparently they were angry because I 'did something'. They accused me of cutting out the insides of the melon to make a bra... I might have cut it in half, but i certainly didn't do that. :/

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I had a dream about the


of a German friend of mine, chasing these

tiny little cats

around her kitchen with a broom. They were no larger than


and really fast. Their bodies were hard and shiny like a beetle and they popped in and out of

holes in the rug

After that,

the grandkids

, my friend and I, all played

skittles on a bouncy castle

. Oh, and there was a parade marching past. It was like a

Latin American

themed thing... lots of bright colours and music but the

people were dressed as skeletons

and there was a general 'death' feeling around.
Weird dream.

NB.. Last time I dreamed about this particular friend, I dreamed that I was

very, very small

and lived in his
. I've now banned him from my dreams as he is clearly a bad influence.
NB+1.. If you're wondering what the issue is with the

big letters

, well, I know reading about dreams is


for anyone besides the person who had the dream, but I just wanted to join in and I figured some bold print might make you more likely to read it ^^.
Added 15 minutes later:

Oh oh.. edit edit edit... I'm not saying that I personally find dreams boring, just that I've been told by many a friend (usually, if not always male friends), to shut up, when I get onto dreams. Or.. depending on the friend, he may even do a really theatrical impression of someone falling asleep. Seriously, one guy even knocked his head off his pint glass (that's a large beer measure, for those of you from metric countries).

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I cannot emphasise enough how much I genuinely enjoy reading about and listening to other peoples dreams. I love how randomised they are, and like to wonder what they could mean to the other person. I have always wanted to compile mine and publish them into a book for other dream enthusiasts to read.

Yeah.. I think women more often have the dream gene. Men need

large letters

in order to keep their attention.

Well, I enjoy talking and reading about dreams...

mostly because they're hillarious and made out of total randomness, but maybe that's just me among men