Heihachi's voice actor has died


57-year-old voice actor Gouri Daisuke was found dead on the streets of Nakano-ku. He died of wounds in his arm, and judging from the knife and a written will that was found nearby, it looks like a suicide.

Aside from Tekken, he was heard also in TV series Kinnikuman and Dragonball, and games ranging from Mobile Suit Zeta and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

What can be said? He brought many characters to life one after another, and personally I've found Heihachi to be one of his greatest performances.

It's always sad when people pass away under such tragic circumstances...

Hmm. I wonder what made him do it. It sucks, hope they´ll find a new good voice for Heihachi. Sad story.

But one thing, very commonly used mistake I think. Gotta sound smartassy here but so what...
A suicide can NEVER be tragic! He chose this by himself. We feel sympathy for him, but his suffering was not arbitrarily. It´s not, well, an atrocity against a human by fate or something. Suicide is self-caused suffering and feels like a relief for the executor. This is not a tragedy.
Famous example for a real tragic moment would be the ending scene in Romeo and Juliet.

Oh whatever...still a damn shame. For us and for him. -.-

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What I meant with "tragic circumstances" are the circumstances that drove him to this solution, Gattsu.

I should be more precise, I guess... :con

how can you blame a dead person for his actions :dozingoff

I don´t even have to blame this guy. The fact that he killed himself speaks for

@ Yoshimattsu:
Where did you get that from? It´s not true. Maybe you read wikipedia and someone posted nonsense again, I dunno, but it´s not a complete definition. The key-element of a tragedy lies in an UNINTENTIONAL "calamity".

Okay, picture this:
Back in '06, a tsunami hit parts of Asia. The enourmous waves flush ppl and everything else away. Amidst this chaos are a mother and her two children. She´s clenching a tree with her body and holds her children with her arms. One left one right. NOW comes the tragedy! Her strength isn´t enough to hold on to both of her kids. If she wants to survive, she has to let go of one of them or they´ll all die.
She´s forced to make this critical decision and neither can escape the (thanks for lending me this part ^^) "lamentable, dreadful, or fatal event"


Okay, I couldn´t find any of those circumstances. But apparently they are known. So why did Mr. Daisuke do it?

Kogamitsu says: Easy, Gatts. We all look at the world differently. What's tragic to one might not be tragic to another. Please respect that.

Wow, you can start a conco IN a convo. That´s unfair -.-
I think you all misunderstand though. It´s not about opinions.
Geez, my mistake for bringing it up.

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Why? He had a good job. Was highly respected.. had lots of money.. A family.

What could drive him to this? And in my opinion, its a strange way to commit suicide. :(

I hope the police will find out what really happened and my heart goes out to the family. R.I.P Gouri Daisuke.

Enough of the petty bickering! If you want to keep debating on that, do so through personal messages, not on this thread. I have deleted the necessarry posts to clean it up, now behave yourselves.

It seems that I missed something... o_O?

Been too busy with new YOT lately. It's slowly shaping up somewhere in the depths of this server, but should be ready in February. :)

I used to judge suicide as an act of stupidity (we are meant to die anyway, why making the life even shorter?), but it's a bit silly this whole judging... I never know what might happen even to me, what situations I might face, what impact they might have on me.

I'm rather sad when somebody commits suicide. It's a sad act.

The Iron Fist Tournament started with Heiachi...I hope it will not die with him.
This is a very bad news...I hope Namco will be able to find a great voice-actor for the most important character in the series.
R.I.P. :(:con

I know this is kinda late but I'm afraid now..I just started to play Tekken 5 and there is that blew up thing and then that Heihachi is dead thing and now he is really passed away...I'm kinda in shock now...