Tekken Movie Trailer (2010)



Dude Finally !!!! I'm so glad to see this trailer... Although in my opinion Yoshi looks a bit lame from what I saw in the trailer... I still can't wait to see it!!

this is better gonna be good and not a stupid nothing about tekken movie trash, like I fear :con

Yoshimitsu!!!! Kick butt!!!! Best fighting game movie EVER!!!!!
My favorite Yoshi costume!!! Too much to say!!!!:)


I suppose "Lame" is a little harsh... But he looks "plastic"...His T3 costume has been my favorite for years, but I don't feel it for this one... Looks kinda like a random villain from Power Rangers... This is only my initial reaction, I mean I didn't get the best most extended look at him... Although I did pause it when he came up to get a better look.

You guys don`t respect CRAP

hey hey.. you are misunderstanding a bit me thinks, we only want yoshi too look outstanding because we people here adore him.

after all don´t you want that the things you care about to do well :)

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Well, honestly, they don't have a HUGE budget like the big Hollywood blockbuster-making studios, so I'm not surprised to see that the design of Yoshimitsu isn't as sophisticated as we're used to. While Yoshimitsu is always awesome, I have to agree that it does look more than sub-par in the upcoming film.

I don´t if this fan made but is sure looks better than the other one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkZqBOLOyso&feature=player_embedded