Hello Everyone,new guy here.

No, Sadly i do not own a PStree only an xbox360. : ( .  Maybe there someone liked the YoshiMoshi name and took it? lol

Huh, strange.  Yeah, there must be another YOSHIMOSHI out there.  I dunno.

So anyway, how have you been?

I've been just peachy.....Just really waiting on the Tekken Tag 2

Yeah, I'm pretty excited for it.  I'm also super excited for SFxT.  Are you getting it?  I preordered it. :P

Sadly no, I'm interested in the game but not in a way to play it. Never been a big SF fan. But maybe I'll get the Tekken verision ^ ^

I see.  Yeah, I'm more excited about Tekken X Street Fighter, but SFxT still looks like a lot of fun.  I've never really played a SF game before, so I'm looking forward to learning about it.

I hope yoshimitsu alone won't influence your experience in sfxt...

Tell me about it. >.>  How disappointing.

No for sure, being a hugh Tekken fan I'm very interested and exicted about it, and most likly play it at my friend's place and have fun. I've seen many videos of Yoshi gameplay and understand where Angel is coming from. But if there is one thing I am sure of  is that Yoshi has never been the top fighter of choice in the minds of most hardcore or even reguler players for whatever reason. But that's what makes me love him and want to play with him even more. Yoshimitsu...I'll turn gay for you LOL XD

LOL!  I'll turn gay for Yoshimitsu, too! XD

But in all seriousness, I remember Yoshimitsu being a force to be reckoned with in Tekken 2 and 3.  He was awesome!

It just seems like he's getting worse and worse with each new game. :(

Games outside of Tekken from what I've seen. In Tekken he's been getting better in my opinion, He improved in Tekken 6 so much that it's what open the door for me to invest time in Yoshimitsu and in Tekken and become a decent player. Ever seen Yoko's Tekken 6 Yoshi's? It's like watching Pizza melting in the oven.

Yoshimoshi, that is some sick avatar you got there. I really like it!  

I don't like T6, too much change, it was perfect before... I'm hoping streetfighter x tekken has something similar to the old T5 combo system, or i'm gonna cry. D:

It's more like Tekken 3, 4, and 5, with his old style.  His stance is something completely different, but I guess that's just for show.  He moves super slow, in my opinoion, so you have to either jump or teleport all over the place.

Just had a ridiculous amount of gameplay today with my beloved Yoshimitsu character. He's uncomparable with any other tekken games( this should come by as an obvious fact, but still) and he's very fun to use ( for some people, I'll get back to here). Fact is, he's defintely in the lower tiers in this game. All his special moves are punishable with chains that go into the opponent's launcher, he has to work twice as hard to get the same damaging combos and his combo damage in overall isn't that outstanding... So yea, if you're all about winning, then you shouldn't stick around with Yoshimitsu unless you really love that awesome fella (like me!). So yea, like I said, he has a hard time getting towards those high damaging combos, but his combo bnb's are pretty easy and fun to do, reminds me a lot of the importance of timing in the tekken combo system.

I've found a lot of nifty set-ups and got myself a good vibe controlling the match with him atm. At the beginning it's very hard to find your control in a match, given that your poking range just clearly sucks ( your limbs and sword go through the opponent, but you don't hit them, bad hitboxes.., smh), you got some shitty normal anti-airs, and you're clearly slow as fuck... (although his front dash isn't that bad).

-I'm using Marduk as my 2nd team member, he hits like a monster truck.
- using 3 X+100 hp gems ( for Yoshi)
- or using meter + and again defense boost gems (for Yoshi)
- his trials are super super easy to do. You'll probably do it all in one go, until you get at 20.... His last one will probably take about half an hour or 2

(shit should've posted it in sfxt topic.. oh well copy paste I guess ^^")

Lol It's ok Angel..Just makes my blog that much better.